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5 Tiny Habits That Can Totally Transform Your Life

I was born in June. I reflect a lot about my life during this time. Aha. (Thank you for the birthday wishes and gifts in advance) I have this list of things I've been doing so far that have improved my life tremendously. I thought to share them with you.

5 Tiny Life-Changing Habits

I call them tiny habits because they don’t seem like much, but if you practice them regularly, they can improve your energy level, your fitness, your work, and your creativity . . . in big ways.

1. Write everyday

Write at least 50 words no matter what. Just write. Writing on paper or on your phone is fine. Write about anything you feel or like. 

Keeping a diary works pretty cool too. I have been doing this for nearly two years and since then my life's been completely changed. My writing and ability to structure my thoughts have got much better as time goes on. Plus, I have another awesome way to express myself. *winks* 

2. Drink a cup of water before you go to sleep and right after you wake up

Do yourself a little research on Google and you'll find out there is a lot of benefits of doing this.

My mum taught us this wonderful habit since I was as young as I can remember. If I don't drink water in the morning, I don't feel healthy.

3. Morning exercise

I actually hate exercise. I think it's boring. I prefer to spend around 1 - 3 minutes dancing to my favourite gospel rock music at the moment. (Lol. Yeah. Choose whatever works for you). 

The songs on my list as at last night
Morning exercise can help keep your body in shape and gives you an adrenaline boost for an awesome day to come. In other words, it helps you stay positive, inspired and lovely all day long. (I recommend this Bolingo dance steps) 

4. Read books at least 30 minutes everyday

I am willing to bet that the most successful people in this world are voracious readers. Someone said, readers are leaders. I totally agree! 

Notice that I say 'books', not some random internet articles. Reading books can help you to develop your intellectual and deep understanding in a much better way than scanning a 5 minutes 'X way to do Y' kind of article (like this one you're reading now. Lol). And guess what? The more you read, the better you write. So get some books and start reading right away!

5. Make daily plan
Every morning, I spend 5 minutes to write down a list of things I'm going to do to count today as a success.

Then at night, I take stock of what I accomplished and what I didn't. It helps me stay productive and maintain a balanced life.

What tiny habits are you forming? Please share.

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