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WIW: Green Jacket

Hi! What did you wear to church today? Share with us. Give us some tips from your style. On Sundays, it's about WIW! (Some people will be thinking I'm carnal now. Lol. Woreva!

Green Jacket

I am not sure whether I was wearing a blazer or a shirt. Lol. To be on a safe side, I have decided to call it a jacket. At least, that's the general description for any garment that has a front opening, collar, lapels, sleeves, and pockets.  :)

So yeah, I wore a green jacket over a black dress. I'm still into green like crazy. See pictures below . . .

That's my tired face. Lol. Last week, I told you I wasn't connecting during the sermon. Remember? Now lemme tell you the truth;  I was very hungry!

Choi. See hunger written all over my face. 

I had to force a smile behind the camera. Being a model isnorrizy mehn.

I enjoy playing with colours in fashion. The necklace made with colorful beads was intentionally worn to brighten up my outfit. I guess it did and more. I just love colours mehn

Can someone explain what I was trying to do there? Hunger is so evul! :( 

"like d-u-h!"

This was before I took off my scarf. I wore a scarf to church. It was the scarf that made my hair blend smoothly in that shape. You like?

OK bye
"When you wear green with pride, those who love you will agree with you but your haters will grin with envy." 
~ Amakamedia

Your turn. What did you wear to church? That reminds me, did you know you can actually upload pictures in the comment box below? Yes, you can!
I'd so love to see your face! Simpy click on the image icon.
(Note: Only comments with images are being moderated)
Please share from the sermon you heard too. (I left my jotter somewhere *phew* )

Happy Sunday!
Stay green like that. *hugs*

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