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'Words With Amaka' Kicks Off Today

Yay! Who is excited? I am! Exactly two weeks ago, I introduced 'Words With Amaka' and you told me you were interested and would like us to do this together. The ride is on already!

Please note that this idea is in a rough stage and not yet well structured. My presentations may be a little messy for the time being. But I believe as we keep moving, it will get better. The most important thing about getting a new idea is to be able to start it. Let's just start like that.

Lesson 1
Word of the Day: archenemy

Meaning: Someone's main enemy

Pronunciation: (Not so phonetically written but as exactly pronounced like a Nigerian)

I had always pronounced the "arch" as "ark". But discovered the right pronunciation is "arch"  

Wrong = \ˌark-ˈe-ni-mi\
Right = \ˌarch-ˈe-ni-mi\

Listen below:

Today's lesson probably gives you a tip on your prayer life. I guess you now know why your enemies are not dead yet. Loljk.

I'd appreciate questions and suggestions in the comment box below. 

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia
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