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I Met Someone. Guess Who?

Lemme not lie, I still miss Jerry. I think about him once in a while. It's really not that easy to forget someone who you once truly loved with all your heart. You just can't forget them like that. *phew*

I Met Someone

On all those Wednesdays I told the story of "I Met Jerry", I enjoyed every bit of it. It was fun to write about a part of my life. It was fun to see me in a true story. I miss writing that. 

Ever since Jerry and I broke up, I see everything in a whole new perspective. It seems heartbreak opened my heart to a new world. I can't explain this feeling. I simply see God's love in everything now.

Pain is good o. It has a way of strengthening us and increasing our wisdom. I'd suggest you start praying, "Lord, please give me pain to grow." Lol.

Meanwhile, I met Someone. He's been winking at me for a while now. I think He likes me. He's been around for as long as I can remember. And I don't want to keep this secret away from you. It's high time I told you about Him already.

Guess who? :)

'I Met God' will now be on every Wednesday.

I want to share a perspective of God's love from my private diary. I hope it blesses your heart. I want the words to encourage as many who have given up on their love story because of heartbreaks and all.

It wasn't very long ago, but it feels like a lifetime away from where God has carried me. It's been a thrilling experience of salvation, healing, and love. :)

Tell your friends to tell their friends that every Wednesday from today, a true short story tagged "I Met God" will be posted on Heart Rays.

I am so scared about showing the world my vulnerability but I'm excited about it. Can next Wednesday just come already?!

P.S.  Find me on Twitter right now. I've got everyone talking.

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