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Happy New Beginnings!

*inhales* I love the smell of new beginnings. It's always fresh and super exciting. *giggles* I could have scheduled to post for Monday but this one is too hot for me to wait. We need it like right now. It is fresh from the oven. . . as e dey hot! 

NEW Beginnings

I bring Good News! God is starting something new this season. I'm not just saying. I am making a decree! This is not the normal truism but a prophetic word. It's better we key into it already!

I'm learning so much from God through this journey. I know God's timing purposely corresponds with this month. 

I now understand the miracle of pain (loss and grief). Our painful experiences represent deaths of some kind. We die when we go through pain. Wait, I'll explain. I like to be personal with you so I'll first use my story.

Over the past seven months, many rays have swept through me - Rays of love, joy, hope, faith, pain, heartbreak, friendship, and all. But if you asked me which one radiates my heart most brightly, I would not hesitate to say pain. Yes, pain.

When I went through heartbreak, I experienced death; the death of a dream, the death of shared moments and overall, the death of a relationship. Something ended. 

In the same way, when you lose someone dear to your heart, you experience the death of your relationship with them and the death of the moments you could have spent with them. When you lose something useful to you, you experience the death of hope. When you lose your job, you experience the death of finance and the death of an opportunity. But what comes after death? A new life. . . a new beginning. 

So you see, God is set to offer fresh breathes of life for those times we have experienced the death of something or someone we love.

It is now clear to me that there is no life without death, as there is no beginning without an end. What I wrote on "Why Do People Die?" has started to make sense to me. For you to partake in the season of new beginnings, you must have had a share of some endings. Hmmm!

How has the past seven months been for you? Did you experience any death of some kind? What ended painfully? See, forget it. Your tears will be turned to Joy. Nothing is more profound than a new beginning after a devastating loss, grief, or pain. You can't pass through pain and remain the same. No way!

Something is about to change about you. This is the time for a change of story.

The #change movement is more spiritual than political. Life as a Christian is always about change. We keep changing and changing. But the truth is, change involves pain. Pain involves death. And death is what brings new life. No wonder, Apostle Paul said he dies daily. We die to live. For every death in our lives, there is a new beginning springing forth.

Oh! I wish you can see my heart as I type this. I am so excited in my spirit. God is blowing my mind anyhow!

I stated in the Concept of NEW Things that a new thing is about what is happening now, when we have a better experience and how we discover creative wisdom. We really have to be alert this season. The New things are already here. I pray that God will open our eyes to see and behold all the wonderful new things He has started in our lives. And what He has started, He will complete in Jesus' name.

However, God is saying you have to forget the former things. You must remember the old ways and order no more. The enemy of today is yesterday, and the enemy of tomorrow is today. If you don't let go of yesterday, it may just be a barrier to getting what today holds. Key into the now!

What are you expecting from God? Be full of expectations. Remember, your expectations shall not be cut off. (Proverbs 23:18).

Sweetheart, I decree a new beginning in your spiritual life. I decree a new beginning in your finance. I decree a new beginning in your health. I decree a new beginning in your relationship/marriage. I decree a new beginning in your career. I decree a new beginning in your business, and in your ministry. The door to a new beginning is hereby commanded to open unto you in Jesus' name.

Right about now, I can almost hear God calling out. Will you remain in the dark? Or will you walk in this light of newness with Me? 

Stay inspired.
Stay positive.
Stay sweet.

Happy New Beginnings!

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.
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