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Personal Confessions of a Christian Single Lady

No story. This one is straight to the point. 

Personal Confessions of a Christian Single Lady

1. I will not let lovesickness push me into the arms of a man who cannot love,  appreciate and respect me. 

2. I will not allow my imagination to overrule the reality of my position in a man's life. I will not say I am his bride when I'm only a side-chick. No assumption until it is official. 

3. I will not give my heart to a man who cannot fight for it. He has to run the race, overtake the other men on the queue, and win my love.

4. I will keep my body till the wedding night, and will not compromise my standard. I will keep the hashtag #NoSexTillMarriage trending on my mind.

5. I will trust God's timing of granting the desires of my heart, according to His knowledge of my needs. I believe my-very-own made will find me when the time comes.

I am waiting. 

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