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Ever heard of "FUNiomiasis" ?

Somebody help!!! I've been bitten by a funfly. And now, I'm suffering from obsessed with having fun all day. Choi! Why me? 

After having so much fun, fun is having me right now. I dare not say I didn't see this coming. I very well did. *tears*

Before I continue, how was your Christmas/New year break? Hope you had fun? Tell me jhorr!

Maybe I should write something about how to have fun and all next weekend. Oh yes, I will. *smiles*

Here is a little show off on the fun I had:
  • I visited my aunts. And had all my little cousins rallying around "Aunty Amaka" - me. It's fun to be with children, really. I even acted as a grandma and told midnight stories. I shared the story about The Wise Tortoise. (If you've never heard that story, you're so not human. Lol)
yes. . . I posted it on Facebook. Lol. 
  • I had a get together with a group of friends from school. It was an awesome meeting. We laughed, talked and reconnected.
I also posted it on Twitter. *covers face*

  • I hanged out with my beloved partner and friend, Cynthia. I've never met anyone as passionate about love, life and family. We've got a heart connection there.

I can't remember telling Santa Claus that all I needed for Christmas was to have fun. But I sure did. And I can't get enough of it. Please, help!!!

The holiday ends today. Tomorrow is Monday. Work resumes.

I don't want to go to work. I just want to have fun. This is FUNiomiasis. . .

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Amb. Babs Micheal said...

Babs' Daily Inspirations:

Hello Friends,
Welcome to the first "active" week of the year. Now you know the year has started.

In conclusion of the half dozen ways that you can use yo explode and set yourself going on your goals this year. Here are the remaining three:

4. Tracking it

This is the key of the key points. As mentioned as one of the stumbling points: You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Tracking your One Thing is the key to keeping your awareness on it and then continuing to improve on it.

5. Reinforce

This is a big tip to staying on track past where your willpower normally wanes and fails: Find reinforcements. This can be a peak performance partner, a mentor, a mastermind group, public accountability (blog or post your goal and progress on website, blog or facebook) or join a group to stimulate competition.

6. Have Fun

Lighten up and be sure to celebrate your day-to-day victories. Bring joy to the journey. We are all pleasure-seeking creatures. If you neglect yourself for too long you will crack. You have to let some steam out of the kettle so to speak.

No matter the goal I always have a lax or cheat day. One day a week I am not going to track and monitor my behavior, and whatever flows, goes!

Action for today:
So I challenge you go through steps 1 and 2—
Choose your Big 3 for 2015, then decide on that one thing you will do this year that will challenge you, stretch you, and have the biggest impact towards you accomplishing your big 2.

Share this challenge with your circle of friends—get them in on the adventure.
The fun factor is significantly increased when you take the challenge with friends.

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Marble said...

whao! u had fun o. I was in the office all through te holidays. All good anyway

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