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PODCAST: Be the Best of You

It's so amazing to be yourself! Truly happy and successful people are those who become the best they can ever be. It's not about a brand, reputation, wealth or persona. It's reality. It's who they really are.

 To listen, click on the play button. The play button is the red round button on the top left corner of the embed player. :)

Presenters: Amaka and Cynthia

Have a be-YOU-tiful weekend! :)

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Bukola A said...

Nice! Super women!

Stevia said...

yes!! amma be the best of me positively. Thanks sis. keep up the good work

Marble said...

I still can't find the play button

Larry Ukaegbu said...

Do I have a choice than to be myself? I have to be me! A me worth emulating, A me that radiates,that shines,a peculiar me. Thank you Amaka nd cynthia

Amakamedia said...

uh-oh. The embed player is above na. *sad face* It's delibrately on the white background. Lemme know when you find it o

Yemi FLash said...

u're an inspiration dear. God bless u

Guest said...

U have such positive energy...it's such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Observerer said...

Can you guys just wait for the other to talk? It's not so cool wen you both talk at the same time. #justobserving

Chisom said...

Hi Amaka, I am a blog stalker *huge wink*, and I have been stalking you
for a while. you know, its amazing the number of Nigerian blogs that
exist. When I think i'v seen it all, I stumble on another and I'm
impressed with what I see. I am a wedding and event blogger, and I blog
at www.somiiisconvos.wordpress.com.

Amakamedia said...

I like this kind of stalking o. Lol. Will check on it asap!

Esther said...

First time of commenting on this blog, i really love ur blog. I got to
know about Heart rays from my big sis, i find u interesting
from what i have heard about you.

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