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Matse Met Ekemelu. Got Married Three Months After

I don't know about you, but Saturday has got love written all over her face. She's always all about weddings, birthdays, parties and everything that has got love to do with it. I actually attended a wedding today. Lol.

Anyways, I brought us some love story. This is Matse Uwatse-Nnoli and her husband, Ekemelu, sharing the thrills of being married with Kemi Lanre-Aremu.

Oya now, grab a bowl of popcorn, have a seat, and enjoy this love story. . .

How long have you been married?
Matse: We have been married for over a year.

How did you meet?
Ekemelu: I met my wife on March 9, 2012. I remember because it was my brother’s birthday. I had a project I was working on and the technician had an installation to do. I had been to my brother’s place and was rushing to Lekki to inspect the installation. While in traffic at Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, I saw my wife in her car and I admired her hairdo. I thought she looked cute and tried to get her attention. Unfortunately, she did not look my way because her windows were wound up and she was listening to loud music. She sped off and I chased after her. I caught up with and requested she pulled over. Matse complied even though she was shocked. We talked and exchanged cards. I did not know who she was because I don’t listen to radio.

Asides her braids, what else caught your eye?
Ekemelu: I noticed she wore a tee-shirt with the inscription, Pink Pearl Foundation. I knew about foundations because I had worked with quite a few. We discussed about the foundation and I found the conversation quite intelligent. She seemed my kind of person from the way she spoke. As I walked back to my car, I told myself Matse would either be my best friend forever or my wife.
Matse: I liked the fact that he read a lot. I have dated very few men in my life and he seemed to be the most intelligent. He was someone I could speak with and he knew more than I did. A lot of Nigerian men might be educated but not enlightened.

When did you let her know you wanted more than friendship?
Ekemelu: I took my time because she needed to know me. I did not want her to feel pressurised and walk away from me. She stopped answering my calls at some point. Eventually, we spoke again and after several meets, she met my mum. On the first evening, I expected her to be shy but she got along with my mum, who gave me a gift for Matse a few days later. This was a good omen and we had not even begun to date officially.

Did you develop cold feet when you realized she is a well-known personality?
Ekemelu: I did not know who she was until some weeks into the relationship. I told her if I had known who she was when we met, I don’t think we would have come this far.

How long was the courtship period?
Ekemelu: We met in March 2012 and we got married July 13th of the same year. My father married my mum after three months of dating. I had been in relationships that lasted longer and did not yield anything. In a short period, I had seen so many qualities I liked.
Matse: I had been in long relationships which did not make sense. When I met him, I found a lot of qualities I liked. My mum told me the man I would marry would not stress me.

How did you realize she was the one for you?
Ekemelu: There was a day I walked out of her apartment and we did not speak to each other for four days. I used those four days to meditate. I asked myself if I should remain with her or walk away. I told myself that if I decided to stay with Matse, I would marry her. After four days elapsed, I went to her apartment. When she opened the door, she looked relieved and hugged me. She told me her mother said if I was for her, I would come back. It was then I began to make marriage plans in my head.

How did you propose?
Ekemelu: It happened on impulse. We were seated in the living room. While we discussed, I looked at her and said we should get married. I liked her, she liked me and we seemed to complement each other. She asked if I had an engagement ring and I answered in the negative. I told her I would not give her an engagement ring.
Matse: I did not expect him to propose. We were having a conversation and he said we should get married. I was confused and called my mum who had already seen his pictures. She thought he was cute and right for me.

How have you handled her being in the limelight?
Ekemelu: She is an indoor person but I am the one who gets stopped when I am out. People stop me and ask if I am Matse’s husband.

How do you handle challenges associated with young marriages?
Ekemelu: The beginning is always rough but we know that even the best marriages have rough patches. We are both mature and even though our marriage is less than two years old, we understand each other better.

Who apologises first when there are disagreements?
Ekemelu: A lot of the misunderstanding is caused by my wife. Most times, she is the one who likes to vent and when she is done, she usually has a lot to apologise for.

How do you celebrate special occasions?
Ekemelu: My wife and I enjoy quality time even when we are at home. For special occasions like a birthday or Valentine’s Day, we go to a resort where we are by ourselves. Once in a while, we host small parties at home.

How has marriage and fatherhood shaped you?
Ekemelu: It has helped me become health conscious. As a father and husband, you realise if anything happens to you, you leave behind your wife and child. It has forced financial wisdom on me because I have to think beyond now.

Do you assist with house chores and the baby?
Ekemelu: I help out with baby. As regards the household chores, it’s not as often as she wishes but I engaged someone which is my own contribution towards helping out in the house. So, I help with the house chores, it’s just that someone does it for me.

If you had to change anything about each other, what would it be?
Ekemelu: It would be her temper.
Matse: My husband has a lot of good qualities. He is the type that wants you to be at his beck and call, even if it means you putting food in his mouth. I want him to be more involved with things in the home.

Do you have a joint account?
Ekemelu: I don’t own a joint account with my wife because we have never spoken about it. Even though I have a nine-to-five job, I am also an entrepreneur and my wife is gradually becoming one. We have been building businesses together so from that perspective, I see us having a joint account someday.

What pet names do you call each other?
Matse: We call each other ‘Baby

Me: *blushing* Isn't that romantic?

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Bukola A said...

This is sweet.

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They met in traffic. Na wa o. One can meet his life partner anywhere o.

Amakamedia said...

I'm telling you. We find love in strange places.

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