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Mirror, mirror on the Wall, Who is the Most Confident of them all?

My previous post talks about Happiness. Here, it is about CONFIDENCE. I'm guessing it will be an era of emotions on subsequent posts for few more days. Yep! Emotions - the energy in motion.

Building Confidence

Emotions create the atmosphere surrounding our heart. This is a more reason why we need to focus our minds only on positive emotions.

I consider confidence as an emotion because it is a feeling. It is a feeling of trust or belief in a thing, or person. It is basically feeling good about you. When you feel good, your body looks good. And when you look good, life is beautiful. Feeling good is an inside-out process.

When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Do you see someone who feels good about life? Do you see someone who isn't defined by past failures? Do you see someone who doesn't require anyone's opinion to live? Do you see someone who doesn't give excuses?

Confidence arises from self-acceptance and self-recognition. I'd recommend that you listen to Be The Best of You.

For most of my life, I'd been incredibly shy. (I'm still a bit shy tho *covers face*) Shyness is placing too much focus on self. "What do people think of me?" People do not usually believe me when I say I'm shy. But I'm only building my confidence. To overcome shyness, you need to learn to relax socially. This enables you to draw attention from yourself and focus on the issue, or the people around you. It is a function of social socializing and social conditioning. Now, I love to meet people, engage in a conversation and be in the limelight. Oh Yes, I love public presentation!

Whenever I'm given the opportunity to speak to an audience, I feel shy for the first 2 to 3 minutes. I know this because in those minutes, my attention is on the way I look, "Is my hair in place?" "Are all my buttons closed?" "Can they see my shoes?" But as soon as I hit on the topic, I'm good to go!

Being confident is a process. It doesn't just happen. You have to decide to be. You need to get away from yourself. Do not worry about what people think of you. You are the one in control. Build your own confidence.

It takes confidence to share The Gospel.
It takes confidence to shine as light in a dark world.
It takes confidence to be the best you can be.

So keep your head up high, put a smile on, and walk with grace. Stay confident.

picture in the bathroom
It takes confidence to post a picture of the reflection of myself in a bathroom mirror :D

The Lord is on my side; I am not afraid. What can man do to me?
- Ps. 118: 6 

Guard your heart like crazy!

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