Friday, 30 January 2015

PODCAST: How to Find Beauty in Brokenness

It crashed on the floor, breaking into two. Beyond repair. My glasses. "I should have been more careful" I said to myself. Ever felt that way? Broken. Shattered. Tossed aside. Or thrown away.

Here is the truth, you are never beyond repair. The scars, wounds, lines, they all have stories to tell. Brokenness gives us the inspiration to live.

Rays of pain. . .

This is apparently the longest podcast on Heart Rays so far. Mehn, I didn't know what to cut out. Just had to leave it that way. To listen, click on the play button. The play button is the red round button on the top left corner of the embed player.

Presenter: Amaka

Music intro: Healing Hand of God by Jeremy Camp
Background Music: Take my life and let it be by Lorie Line
Music Break: Never alone by Barlowgirl
Music Outro: Man in the mirror by Keke Palmer

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