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It's official, I'm a fan of Linda Ikeji. . . No Pretence!

Hello friends! It's Monday. Happy New Week! Hope your weekend was fab? For me, last weekend, I was talking about the #NoSexTillMarriage hashtag. And about 75% of my small community made jest of it. Can't you guys do without sex ni? Smh. Anyway, that is not the issue right now.

This is about Linda Ikeji. Remember her? That question was unnessary. Of, course you do! Just in case you don't know her. . . hmmm, you may read Google shut down Linda Ikeji's blog.

Few minutes ago, I logged on to LIB. And for the first time in many posts, I was awed by this very one - I'd rather be self-made!

Linda has proven to the world that a lady can be a multi-millionaire without having to sleep around with men. Oh, she has and is still proving! Not only has she set the mark, but also wants to ensure that she helps as many girls as she can to be self-made too.

She has decided to help young ladies between 18 and 26 years in promoting their business through LIB. She said she'd be giving out a whooping N10 million to start with.
"I'm interested in girls who have vowed not to sell their bodies to make it in life (because you really don't. All that 'I don't have a choice' is BS. Trust me, I've tasted poverty like some of you will never know and I never did). I'm also interested in girls who are living that lifestyle right now but would rather not, and want out desperately." She wrote.
This is so inspiring. This lady has got a good heart. God bless her!

So ladies, do you have a good business plan/idea, and money had been a factor? You can read the post on her blog here. For short cut, you can call this number - 07051229040 (ladies only o).

*Screams* "No Thank you. I'd rather be self-made!"

Linda has carved a niche for herself in my heart.  She Rocks!

Lemme go back to work before my oga catch me...  ttyl!

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