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Are these Politicians Angry?

I do not want to sound all religious, but I have this article circling around a Bible passage I read some days ago. If you do not think politics is spiritual as well as physical, then you shouldn't read any further. OK?

Are these politicians angry? Even if they are, what are they angry about?

I hear some Christians say things like, "Politics is a dirty game. I can't be a part of it." "I am not interested in politics."  "Vote ke? wetin consign me? Abeg!" "The government is of this world, I am not of this world." Blah blah blah and blah!

Christians and their rigid ways of thinking sha. It baffles me how we pray for our dear country and do not play a part in politics and government. Look, it's high time we Christians truly understood what sin is and what it is not. We make a big deal out of nothing. Christianity is not complicated at all. It is simply living as Christ on earth. When Jesus said, "Occupy till I come?" What do we think He is referring to? Anyway, that's a topic for another day. (Read reviews on Make-up and Jewellery)

Erm. . .So, I've been loving up on Mr. Nehemiah these past days. I find him to be a very strong man. One who is so compassionate, loving and people-oriented. He is organised and purpose-driven. He is a man of integrity and courage. He fears God. Mr. Nehemiah is everything I want in a leader, a pastor, a politician, a government official, or even a husband (Lol. Honestly, I wouldn't mind getting married to a man like Mr. Nehemiah. *blushes*).

Alright, don't get it twisted jhorr. I'm talking about the same Nehemiah in the Bible. You have to read Neh. 5:1-13 to be on the same page with me. Pause now, open your bible and read that passage. :)

In that Chapter, Nehemiah faces the most difficult and intense kind of problem any leader could face. That is the problem from within his territory. Not only were their enemies a constant threat to their security, but many Jews were actually taking advantage of other Jews. Some of the men and their wives complained about the Jews in power. (v.1) seriously, check on it. Isn't that the same problem we are facing today?

Nehemiah was angry when he heard about the injustice. He couldn't stand the iniquities. I can imagine he sat down and cried. He prayed and fasted for days. I love the sixth verse. It says, "when I heard their outcry and their charges, I was very angry." It was that anger that made him think out a solution. The anger was a propelling force to his effective decisions and actions.

I have read many posts and comments on politics. I've felt the emotions triggering. The people are angry. We are oppressed and probably tired. We are oppressed with poverty, bombings and killings, corruption and the likes. How long do we endure this oppression? We are tired of those we have voted into power. We are tired of those who take their positions for granted. (I personally see no difference in all of them! *sad*) We are tired of going round the circles of election. We are tired of promises without results. We are tired of the waste of resources. We are just tired!

Nehemiah was angry at the oppression of the people. So he provided a solution. These and more is what got me thinking, "Are there Politicians angry? or are they just greedy?

It is that which you are angry about, that you can change.

We need us a Nehemiah.

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Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia 
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com


Sandyluv said...

The problem with my beloved Country Nigeria is that, NO ONE is doing nothing about all these attrocities. Everything is said and Iit ends on Social Media. Now, all I do is pray for divine intervention and most times just sigh and not read further on any of these bombings.

Dele said...

Interesting read. That's all I can say

Somebody said...

lol. I actually got it twisted there o. Ws thinking it was some man down the street. Nehemiah is one of my favorite people in the Old Testament. He was a leader, pure and simple. For real, we need a Nehemiah.

Amole John said...

We actually do need more than Nehemiah. This Nigeria is too deep into corruption. Nehemiah wasn't aggressive. We need an agressive Nehemiah. Nice article.

Olas said...

make we no dey deceive ourselves,prayers or quoting bible and quran dont solve the kind of problems Nigeria has…..the people need to rise and revolt

Amole John said...

Lol. It’s very easy to say REVOLT if you’ve never witnessed a war.

Life's a show said...

Yes, we are tired of the bad and corrupt leaders leading us. We are tired of them stealing our money.
But Amaka, I think you need to check again. Nehemiah was a spiritual leader and not a politician.

Aguh D. said...

I didn't know you write on politics too dear. we need Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Solomon and Jesus ma sef. Me I've made up my mind not to participate in this coming election. What is the point when the election will be rigged at the end of the day?

Amakamedia said...

And that was why I said, "If you do not think politics is spiritual as well as physical, then you shouldn't read any further". lol. A leader is someone who has an inflence over another person. Yes, Nehemiah was a leader. A politician as well as a pastor is also a leader.

Nehemiah - The leader of all time!

Amakamedia said...

Lol. Who told you Nehemiah wasn't agressive? Well, agressiveness is relative sha. We need leaders like Nehemiah who have power with God in
prayer; leaders of moral integrity who fear God and love the people; who
are compassionate and moved by the burden for the people they serve;
who will encourage and build our broken cities and walls and create jobs
for millions; leaders who will love and respect the people.

Thanks, John.

Amakamedia said...

Hahaha... He probably is someone down the street. *winks*. Thanks for reading.

Amakamedia said...

Thanks, Dele

Amakamedia said...

It is well.

Amakamedia said...

Aint we all just tired?! *sighs*

Amakamedia said...

I agree with you, Olas. I think it's time we arise! Enough is Enough!
Heard about how Burkinafaso protested out of their oppression, right? That's what we need in this country. Seriously.


Amole John said...

One man with all these qualities. Abi? It's too late. Nehemiah is dead. The hope is slim. have you listened to any of buhari's campaign speech? i listened to the owerri speech and i wept for my country.

guest said...

pls dear, participate so that you can have a say if the person you voted for did not meet your expectations, even if it,s rigged, God bless u

munchyberry said...

Everyone is crying out to God for a change in this country yet some people don't want to vote. So who will elect the men that God will use to change this country if we all refuse to vote???

Aguh D. said...

The truth is we keep playing try-your-luck in Nigeria. Whether I vote or not, there will be a president. Dont be surprised, they already know who it will be. All this election na wash!

Aguh D. said...

If I hear!

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