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Prophecies for 2015 by Kumiyi, Adeboye, T. B Joshua, Olukoya and more

A prophecy is a revelation of divine will. Do you believe in prophecies? I do. *grins*

So I have a compilation of prophecies for 2015 by the General Overseers of the prominent churches in Nigeria. 

Pastor Kumuyi of Deeper Life
2015: The Year of God’s Visitation.
He said God would give His people a cause to celebrate in the New Year.
“God will visit you in the New Year. Everything holding you down, the Lord will break it. You will step into your Promise he said. “Things will turn around in your life. Metaphorically speaking, it is not as it was, so it is and so will it be world without end. It is not what you saw yesterday and what you are seeing today that will determine what you will see in the New Year. A brighter day is coming; the coming days for you will be better than the good old days. The things of the past may have been wonderful, things will be more wonderful in the New Year.”

Pastor Adeboye of RCCG
2015: The Year of Testimonies
For Individuals
"For those who fasted for 100 days last year.
1. The Lord says the harvest for the 100 days fast will be given this year.
2. Daddy says this year will be full of testimonies, those who have non before will have this year.
3. Daddy says some of you will swim in the river of abundance this year.
4. Daddy says there will be miraculous completion of projects.
5. Daddy says there will be fulfillment of dreams.
6. Daddy says there will be miraculous restoration.
7. Daddy says the song of many will be – The Lord has been good to me."
"1. Scientific and medical breakthrough will be many, particularly in the areas of lack of sleep, dreams and brain disorder.
2. Daddy says Ebola will die out.
3. Daddy says all over the world insurgencies will be considerately weakened.
4. He asked us to pray against massive calamities.
5. He asked us to pray against massive earthquakes, strong hurricane and typhoons."
For the church
"1. This year all you need is to charge off your batteries by fasting for 40 days only.
Those of you who want to fast continuously 20 days and 20 nights will cover the 40 days.
If you miss one day, you have to cover it with two days.
By the end of the year – you will say all is well that ends well."
The fasting begins January 2nd 2015.

Prophet T. B Joshua of The Synagogue
2015:  The year of Good Morning
In the energetic service broadcast live on Christian television station Emmanuel TV, Joshua admonished congregants on the need to ‘worship God in Spirit’ in a sermon titled, ‘Discovering your real value’.
“Christianity lies in the heart,” he told the multitude of worshippers, adding that merely observing religious ceremonies does not signify genuine Christianity.
The crowds, including a huge array of foreign guests sporadically waving their national flags, thronged every available space within the sprawling church complex, even spilling onto the adjoining roads.
“If you are expecting a New Year, you must be pure in heart,” he stressed, reminding the faithful of Jesus Christ’s words in Matthew 5:8. “If not, the troubled year of 2014 will continue in 2015,” he warned.
Although Joshua uncharacteristically did not give his yearly prediction, his message conveyed that the troubles witnessed worldwide throughout 2014 would persist in 2015 but genuine Christians would grow stronger through them.
“No matter what this coming year brings, if you are more of God, your trials are the soil in which your faith will flourish,” he enjoined the congregation.
He stressed that the freedom the Bible speaks of in John 8:36 is spiritual not physical, insisting that a ‘free spirit,’ was needed for Christians to enjoy peace throughout 2015. “This liberation of your spirit is all you need to have the best year,” he stated.
“You just need a Word from God to change the course of your life,” Joshua continued. “God said I should give you the Word – Good Morning! Instead of saying ‘Happy New Year’, say ‘Good Morning’. 2014 was the afternoon but now we are going to the morning. This Word is anointed.”

Dr. DK Olukoya Of MFM
2015: The Year of Multiple Restorations and Unparalleled Favour (Ps. 102:13; Heb. 1:9; Joel 2:25)
MFM General Overseer was cautious in delivering the prophecies of the year. He said he would couch it all in a new format of parables and what he called antidote prayer points.
I guess it was a cautious attempt by him to avoid being accused by the politicians as being partisan. He said: “I will speak in parables. This year is going to be a mysterious, cautious and dribbling year, so, you will have to find the solutions instead of diagnosing the problems carried by the year.”
The new format will rather be in form of diagnosis will be wrapped with the treatment/solution to the problem.
For emphasis note that this year would require machine gun prayers. There won’t be too much grammar/explanations but relentless bombardment of prayers like an antidote for the diagnosis is what is needed for the year.

Pst. Chris Oyakhilome of Christ Embassy
2015: The Year of Triumph
"This year you shall experience notable achievements, notable victories, and so much more, but for you to walk in this Triumph, you have to remain truthful and sincere...Hallelujah!"

Posted by: Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia
Email: amakamedia@yahoo.com


Yahoozee4christ said...

I believe in prophets because the Bible says so. Okay, so not a convincing argument to anyone who isn't a Christian, but honestly at this point I have no better reason, and no reason not to believe in them.

John said...

Bumped into your blog when I searched for "New Year prohetic messages by Kumiyi" I must say I was astonished when I discovered you are a Nigerian. Your blog is really informative. I an already a fan. Just keepdoing what you do, you will be discovered worldwide soon. Thank you for sharing the LIGHT. God bless you, Amaka.

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