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NEWS: 14 Pregnant Teens, 8 Children Rescued From A Baby Factory In Abia

I bring good news! Amidst of the killings, bombings, deaths and all. We still have good things happening in the media. Heart Rays brings good news to light. So leggo!

Pregnant teens

Hmm. . . A Mrs. Charity claimed to be running a government-approved home, but engages in child trafficking and hiring of men who impregnants the teenage girls. It was gathered that on delivery, each girl got N20,000, while their babies were sold for between N80,000 and N150,000, for females and males respectively. *sighs*

The good news is soldiers from 144 Battalion, Asa, in Ukwa West Local Government Area of Abia State have rescued 14 pregnant teenageres and eight children from the "motherless babies' home" at Umunkpeyi Nvosi in Isiala Ngwa South Local Government Area.

Six young men, and two girls aged 16 and 25, who claimed to be staff of the school have been arrested. The thing that is "paining" me now is that, the Mrs. Charity (who doesn't even deserve to be called so) was away at the time of this arrest.

Anyway, I'm happy the teenagers and children have been rescued. :)

 Source: News2 Online

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Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Bimpex said...

Can't believe this, I pray dey catch the Mrs. Wickedness soonest. Many people will rot in hell fire!

Neoclus said...


Udeh U said...

Well done soldiers! Soldiers from ABIA! *touches beards*

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