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POEM: Awake and Dreaming

My eyes see the pictures
They do not want to be closed
As sharp as razor blades
Piercing into my heart
They can see my heart
Or is my heart that sees them?
It's uncertain which part it is
But somewhere from the inside
I can't stop myself from dreaming.

My eyes are widely open
No glimpse of sleep in sight
Yet the bed is near
It doesn't feel like I've been working
It has nothing to do with the clock
For it's another time in this view
This is a different world
Filled with hope, faith and love
I'm awake and dreaming.

Even as my body suffers
That its fat shrinks and shreds
No amount of food is enough
To quench this kind of hunger
I'm hungry, if not starving
For a place, a thing, or something
Can't eat, can't rest, can't sleep
I'm awake and dreaming

Here I am writing this
Not knowing where tomorrow leads
So I try to understand
Why am I not satisfied yet?
Oh! My eyes, my heart
I should call it the eyes of my heart
They keep seeing, never stop seeing
I'm awake and dreaming.

The set time will come
When that which I see happens
When my hunger be satisfied
And my heart at ease
I will eat, I will rest, I will sleep
For He who keeps my dreams
Neither sleeps nor slumbers
He's working, performing and perfecting
I'm awake and dreaming.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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lindaspears said...

Big eyes! Why shouldn't they keep seeing? Lol. Nice poem

Kingsley said...


Bukola A said...

Keep the dream alive girl. Lovely poem

Guest said...

dream, work, dream again. Poetic inspiration! Well done, Amaka.

Vicky Wendu said...

Deep. Your eyes are beautiful o

Life's a show said...

My eyes see my heart. And my heart see my eyes. Wow. Nice piece of

Poetic Art work!

Deborah Anyeasi said...

This poem reminds me of this song:

Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
Open the eyes of my heart
I want to see You, I want to see You

To see You high and lifted up
Shinin' in the light of Your glory
Pour out Your power and love
As we sing, "Holy, holy, holy"

Nice one!

Guest said...

Good one. Very well composed *claps*

Guest said...

Really inspiring. It tells me not to settle for less. There is still more to be achieved. I should keep getting better. Thanks

Amole John said...

Lol. Linda, u sef! Her eyes are not bad o

Amole John said...

I like.

lindaspears said...

Of cos there are not. My friend has got some sexy eyes *wink*

Observerer said...

I see the picture too.
I will not rest till my dreams are achieved.

Sandyluv said...

Hmmm... Should I analyze this poem?

NaijaMovieFreak said...

Make sense!

Seeing the invisible
Doing the unimaginable
Fulfilling His Purpose
I'm awake and dreaming.

Beautiful poem!

Chioma Dike said...

Inspiration from God. Keep up d good work dear. God bles u!

Somebody said...


KayCee Blunt said...

You hungry and starving for "something". My mind only went to one thing o. Hmmmmmmm..... All the same, it's not a bad thing. Good poem.

Talikeys said...

This picture caught my eyes. So cute!

Cray said...

May our dreams come true. Amen.

Amakamedia said...

Apologies. I can't reply everybody. Thanks for your comments. Y'al rock! *hugs*

Amakamedia said...

I'd love that! *grins*

Amakamedia said...

Smh. If I catch you ehn!

KayCee Blunt said...

See her, only 20 comments, she don dey prouding. My friend, even when a post get 1000 comments, you MUST reply!!!

lindaspears said...

tongue awt!

Observerer said...

Nice one

munchyberry said...

@amakamedia, am shocked you know @lindaspears....small world....lovely poem by the way

Amakamedia said...

Thanks, Muncyberry. Wait, you know that annoying dear friend of mine. Really? Very interesting.
*screams* Lindodo, where are you??

Anonymous said...

After u dream a dream,you must wake up & put together an action plan, commit your will to bring it to pass & sacrifice for your dream. Then dream again. I like you. sorry, I mean I like your poem. Lol.

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