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The Bleeding Woman

Again I read about the woman with the issue of blood. This woman’s story pierces my heart in the way that it brings me to tears . . . to Jesus.

"If I can just touch the hem of his garment, I will be healed". That's what she told herself. Such a daring adventure.

The Bleeding Has To Stop

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If you've been reading my blog, you're aware about the breakup I had with an ex-friend who attends my church. I got in touch with him again to carry out an official assignment . . . Then, the hurt, the pain, the ache all came back.

"I thought I had moved on." I cried.

I didn't expect his closed-up attitude to get to me, but it did. I thought I could brush his negative aura aside and focus on the task at hand, but I failed. Am I still hurting? Oh no! 

When I love someone, I love them to pieces. No matter how much they hurt me, I always love them. It's hard for me to stop loving someone I have once loved. But, what do you do when loving someone hurts you so badly?

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My heart bled with pain. I could relate with that woman with the issue of blood for a minute. Just a minute. 

But imagine having that issue of blood every day of your life for 12 years.

That's 4,383 days.

144 months.

624 weeks.

105,192 hours.

For 12 years, the woman bore the emotional and psychological baggage of being unclean and untouchable.
  • No hugs
  • No relationship
  • No sex (if she was married)
  • She could not prepare food for her family (if she even had one)
  • She could not do housechores;
  • She couldn’t be a wife;
  • She couldn’t be a mother;
  • She had lived in an isolated house for 12 long years staring at the walls.
  • For all intents and purpose, she was as good as dead.

Brokenness Hurts, Bleeding Drains

Brokenness hurts! Jeez! Nothing hurts more than a broken heart. However, blood loss is one of many things that leave us physically and spiritually drained frail, anemic, haggard, overwhelmed, and fragile. Heartbreak, unforgiveness, bitterness, sickness, and sins all result in exhaustion and despair.

Suddenly you feel alone and isolated. You search for answers, but it seems there are none. Even when a possible answer can be found, it seems that it never heals your broken and bleeding heart. The bleeding that some people endure is indescribable.

The story about the woman with the issue of blood reveals a healing from all kinds of desperate situations.

"He can heal me too!!!" She declared.

She was desperate.

She must get to Jesus.

And in a moment of inspiration it occurs to her: this man, this Jesus, is a great healer.

"Maybe if I could just TOUCH HIM." 

Maybe if she could quietly make her way through the crowd and touch the hem of his garment then she might be healed.

After everything she had been through—twelve long years of lonely, painful suffering—she held on tightly to the faith that this man named Jesus could make her whole.

With a single word from Jesus, 12 years of pain and isolation were swept away: 

"Daughter . . . your faith has made you whole"

Just like that!

Just like that?! Not really. She made the effort. She went past the piercing eyes and whispering lips. She ignored the stares and the what-ifs. She reached out.

I'm reaching out with this post

Wholeness Is What We Need

In the midst of our hardship, our heartbreak, and our deepest pain, it can be easy to throw up walls around our heart and hide our brokenness from the world. It can feel safer to withdraw, to try to fight our own battle on our own terms and in our own strength. But when we choose to put our feet under our faith and reach our hand out to touch Jesus. We can be made whole.

He is the Great Healer. He can help us deal with our heartbreak . . . our loss . . . our bleeding.

Let this be the beginning of your journey to wholeness.

Faith is worth the risk. He will make us whole.


Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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