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6 Things Happened When I Let God Heal My Broken Heart

When I wrote 'how to deal with heartbreak', I made a promise to write on the special effect of letting God do the healing. 

6 Things Happened When I Let God Heal My Broken Heart

The process of healing comes in three forms; it can be slow, gradual, or immediate. For me, it was gradual in a fast pace. Going through a Heartbreak was the hardest thing I've ever been through. I almost died. I still wonder how I didn't die.

Yolanda Adams' song, 'Fragile Heart' was my favourite song at that time. I played it a million times. The lyrics made more sense to me like it'd never had. You should listen to it. Really.

With tears in my eyes I prayed like;

"Lord, my heart aches and pierces me. This Pain is too much for me. This pain is too much. It's too much to carry, Lord.
I want to give it to you. Please, help me. I want to hand it over to you but I don't know how. I'm trying to lift up my heart to you but it falls back down on me. I can't do this on my own. 
Help me, Lord! I want to die! Save me from this painful pain in my heart. Please. . ."

And God being who He is, heard my cry. As I gave Him my broken heart, amazing things started happening. So these are the things that happened. . .

1. I let it go. I no longer think of the past with regret and anger. I no longer wish ill for the one who betrayed me. I have forgiven him with all my heart. I stepped out of darkness. Depression no longer have the best of me. I finally welcomed joy again.

2. I have become more grateful than ever. I stopped trying to understand and explain everything, but to trust God completely. I grew closer to God.

3. I learned to be more self-sufficient. I was always too dependent on people for love and affection. I learned that only God could fill my empty love tank. l have understood the true meaning of John 3:16. God's love is everything I need to live the life I desire. 

4. I had a better understanding of what it means to guard my heart. Had I not experienced heartbreak, I would still be naive, thinking I could trust anybody who comes along and offers me a promising future.

5. I learned to appreciate the people in my life more than ever. I discovered that people come into my life for one or all of these three reasons; to help me shine, to teach me how to shine and to shine with me. My meeting with you is no accident.

6. I have developed a passion for those who have been through heartbreak and those who are going through pain. The purpose of Heart Rays have never been clearer. 

Today, I'm glad I went through that pain. I could not have known love without it. I found the beauty of brokenness through the healing power of God's love. I can now speak to the brokenhearted and help their healing process. I speak life to every heart that need salvation, healing and love.


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As a creative personality, I make bold to say Heartbreak can be a good product. It is a blessing in disguise. It gives valuable experience and insights. Insights to live with inspiration and create great masterpieces.

What lessons have you learned from your heartbreak?

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