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STYLE: Release Through Dance

Happy Sunday! Went to church? Did you dance? I danced!

Repressed emotions get stored up in our body and can cause fatigue, anxiety and illnesses. Dance and see how it all goes away.

Dance Expression 

I am highly expressive with my emotions. I necessarily don't have to spell out my feelings because my works of art is my voice.

I write. I voice. I sew. I model.

I do these things not on a bigger scale but in tiny bits. I write blogs, social media content and stories. I voice announcements, jingles and video scripts. I sew simple Ankara dresses and make accessories. And I model my clothes, my face and showcase my entire life.

Staying open, honest and present to every emotion I feel takes a great deal of willful effort. For instance, writing on my blog speaks of my vulnerability, although I get scared each time I share a bit of myself out here. But I must say, it is possible to learn to love the process of expressive emotions because there is joy and freedom on the other side.

Emotions hold tremendous life energy. They can destroy your art or create your art. It all depends on whether you express them or not: or how you chose to release them.

The last time I got heartbroken I knew I had to release these emotions. For weeks, I cried. But crying is not always enough.

I write for a living. So, I had been writing through it but writing, sometimes, is also not enough.

Some of us need more ways to express ourselves in order to reduce and release the emotional pressure within (without worrying about what it all means just yet). And some of us need to process and channel deep pockets of emotional pain such as childhood hurt, trauma, shame, low self-esteem, fear, grief, heartbreak and anger into something beautiful.

Can we try dancing? 

Dance is a form of creative expression.

When I dance, the energy of my emotions move and shift through my body and out. I love the process of creating the movements.

There is more to our expressions than we know. When we open our hearts, we'd find more ways than one.

Anybody can dance. It's not hard. It is only a slow shift of movements - your feet, your hands, your waist, your head, then your heart follows.

With as much curiosity as I can muster, it's time I explore the dance expression. (I am hoping to join/form a Christian dance group in Lagos)

Dancing to 'Potter's Hand' by Hillsong 

It seems my journey has been on using creative modalities is to see, express, understand and heal emotional pain at different stages of self-expression. I don't know where this is leading . . . I believe it would all make sense eventually.

No matter how our art appears, it is interesting to allow our expression to be raw, messy and alive - By not covering up the messiness that we feel, we can start to look deeper to understand ourselves better.

How best do you creatively express your emotions?

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