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10 Ways to Fall in Love with Your Life

It's that time of the year when they rub it all in your face. Valentine this, valentine that! You feel like your life is the worst there is. "Why am I single?" "Am I that terrible?" "Why am I so lonely?" "When will I fall in love. . .again?" You keep beating yourself up.  Oh dear, this post is for you. It's quite a long article, but it's worth it. Although, I already created a podcast on it. I know exactly how you feel because I've been there too.

Fall in Love with Your Life

Falling in love is divine. It awakens the heart to the best part of life. Each day comes with boundless opportunities for you to to open your heart and fall madly in love with your life.

There are people, places and things (evuls) that try to steal the joy, hope and love in your life. Don't let them. I find that through the articles I write, the critical piece of advice I give is to be in charge of your emotions. There are bad news here and there, but I choose to be deaf to them. And I decide to hear and share good news only. You can wake up everyday and decide to fall in love with the life you have been given. Yes, you can!


#1: Get Excited

Get excited about everything. Rejoice in all of life little wins. Appreciate the "little" miracles in your life everyday. Celebrate little victories. Life is fun when little things excite you. I celebrated my one year work experience some days back with a bottle of Fayrouz. Lol.

#2: Try Something New

I've been to Akure, Ondo State. Lovely place!

New is fun and interesting. Anything new is an adventure. Be creative. Go on adventures. Try new food. Buy new clothes. See new places. You know, seeing new places from Oshodi Heritage Park to Badagry beach over to the cinemas can create the most amazing discoveries. Go to the South, the east, the west, the north (*coughs* Nigerians be careful about that sha). Learn new skills. Get new looks. Meet new people. Dare to do something new.


#3: Show People Your True Colour

See ehn, life is too short to come and be pretending pretend to those that don't matter. Express your opinions. Be yourself. Don't hide who you truly are from anyone. Let them love the beautiful and the ugly part of you. Accept yourself. Be confident. If you pretend to be a superstar to 'A', and a jerk to 'B', who would you be when you meet 'C' who happens to be a friend to 'A' and 'B'? Big question mark there!

#4: Always Smile

My friend, Munchyberry is always with a beautiful smile :)

A smile can brighten your face, your day, and your life. When you smile, it draws people closer to you. It opens your heart to love. Even though my teeth are not as white, I smile. Never ever step out without a smile. And laugh uncontrollably whenever you have to. Well, I can permit you not to smile when you're asleep, in the toilet or arguing with your landlord. Lol.


#5: Follow your dream

@ FUTA Radio (2012)

I'm one of the few people who put dreams before romance. You can fall in love with someone, and that someone might not love you right back. But when you fall in love with your dreams. . .my oh my. . . it loves you right back. Your dream is a life-long romance you will always need to strive for. It can be that kind of lover that brings you joy every single day of your life. Ever thought about finding the one of your dreams? Yeah, they come along when you're on the path of your dreams.

#6: Love your body

Part of falling in love with your life is loving your skin and eveything about you. There is no such thing as a "perfect" figure. You are beautiful just the way you are. If you have a flat stomach, or a pot belly, love it. If you have a beautiful silky hair, or a curly-kinky-comb-breaking hair like me, love it. If you have a glowing fair skin, or a shinning dark skin, love it. Fall in love with you because you are amazing, incredible and super-awesome.


#7: Love and Respect People

Respect is a building block for love. Don't let heartbreak control your attitude towards people. Give them the benefit of a doubt. Respect people, and get respected. You can't fall in love with your life if you don't respect, love and care about the people in it.  Erm, before I forget, put away your phone when you're with people. It's annoying how you would be having a conversation with someone and they're clicking on their phone (I can be so annoying, I do that too). *press stop button* Let's stop! Enjoy the moment.


#8: Spend Time with Friends and Family

These are the best gifts in life - family and friends. Spend valuable time with those who value you and bring out the best in you. Wait, you've got no friend at the moment. Huh? That's not true. Don't let your friendship fade. Visit old friends. Love them and fight for them. Never trade the opportunity to spend time time with your family, and those who have now become family. To have a family means wealth. I couldn't agree more with the person who said, "Family is everything."


#9: God

Diaris God o! I have a good reason for not putting this up on #1. You will agree with me that this is the most important part of life. I cannot even imagine a day without God. God is Light; in Him, there is no darkness (I John. 1:15). Let His Light shine through your heart. He is the One who gives a bright, beautiful and colourful life. Make Him the centre of your life. And every other thing (including a life partner, children and money) will fall into place. God is love-personified. When God is in your life, love already is.

#10: Decide to Fall in Love Everyday

Yes, you can fall in love every day. Dedicate yourself daily to love. It could be someone to love, something to do or something to hope for. Fill your day with positive emotions. People who have positive emotions in their daily lives are happier, healthier and fun.

Open your heart to see the rays of love that lies within you. Let your heart radiate with love. You have a choice to experience love everyday of your life. Don't fail to share the love with others like I just did. *grins* See Feb 14 as an avenue to fall in love with your life over and over again.

You only have this life. So you gotta rock and love ittt! What else can you add to this list?

P.s I wrote this in 2015 and it still makes sense. So thought to bring it up again today. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Heart Rays . . .giving out the light.


Scoopert said...

This could not have been a better day to read this post. The irony is unfathomable. If it is okay though I would like to ask for some advice.

Deborah Anyeasi said...

What an insightful post. I loved point number 6-What a challenge! Feel the love inside you AND become that. Wow.. Thanks for your inspiration here.

Adebayo Adegbite said...

The most beautiful post ever! Life is too short to not love my life. Open your heart to see the rays of love that lies within you.Thank you. Amaka'm, you are just so amazing. Happy Val Day love!

Melissatan said...

I could feel that the words aren't superficial nor just mental but something that comes from deep reflection and learning from personal experience. Your sincerity towards all that you are experiencing is a miracle.
Beautiful beautiful words that need to come alive everyday Amakamedia... thank you for sharing this ~ keep growing in love. God bless!

Amakamedia said...

Thank you, Melissatan. In love, we find our true purpose for living. God bless you too!

Amakamedia said...

Thanks for visiting, Bayo. Loving your life helps you see the miracles in each day. It's gives you the inspiration to live out God's purpose. Enjoy!

Amakamedia said...

I'm glad you find it so, Debby. Stay inspired, live right and love life. Cheers!

Amakamedia said...

Hi, Scoopert. It gladdens my heart to know you find this post quite helpful. I hope to be of more help. Kindly send me an email -amakamedia@gmail.com.

Badmus said...

Great piece. number 9 is so consoling, alongside the point that talks about the family… Cheers

Steve said...

Nice. Your life looks really perfect!

Fradulinks said...

God, I love this post! I know where to go to rejuvenate my energy. This blog is one of those places! Thanks for what you do amaka.

Joy said...

I wish I could high five you after reading each point. So simple, yet SO BRILLIANT. Did I tell you I Love reading your posts? Yes I do!

Amakamedia said...

High five right back! I appreciate your nice words, Joy. I love reading your encouraging comments.

Amakamedia said...

Thank you, Fradulinks.

Amakamedia said...

Life can be perfect when you choose God's love above everything. My life may not be as perfect as it looks, but I am learning to appreciate and love every moment in it. Decide to fall in love with your life.

Amakamedia said...

Yeah, right. God is the Giver of hope. Cheers, Badmus.

Marble said...

Awesome totally and completely

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