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STYLE: All Pastures Are Green But They Have Different Shades

Happy Style-Sunday! Let's go green today. How many shades of green do you know? It would shock you to know there are over 20 shades of green in the world. Not kidding.

Shades of Green

While drafting this post, I did a study on "pastures", "green", and "green pastures". And I'm totally blown away by my latest discoveries. On one hand I'd love to tell you all if it, but on the other hand I wouldn't want to bore you.

Psalm 23:2 says "He makes me lie down in green pastures." Interestingly, the Bible did not exactly tell us what shade of green the pasture is.

What if we were meant to lie down on different shades of green at different phases of our lives? Ponder on that for a minute.

Source: PsPrint

In this part of the world, we generally know some shades of green as army green, Nigerian green, sea green, lemon green and what's that other one? Mention it the comment box, thanks. However, there are tons of shades of green on the colour wheel.

Sometimes, the green you are in is not the green that you had in mind. But it is sure what it is–a green pasture. God only leads us to green pastures.

This is supposed to be a style post which demands I use certain fashion terminologies. So I asked Mr. google to tell me the shade of green I was wearing; hoping his suggestion could help as a guide.

Then I realized it actually didn't matter what shade of green I was wearing. What matters is I am looking good in what I wear and I feel comfortable and happy wearing it.

Hence, the birth of this truth:
Ignore whatever shade of green your pasture is, and appreciate how beautiful your life is. Just enjoy your life and be happy.

But mehn, I think I'm loving this shade of green oh (Sage. Moss. Seaweed. Or whatever it is called!). It is lovely. It gives you that "mature" vibe. And the top? So cute!

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Truth is, you are lying on green pastures right now. Live your life and discover the sweetness of your life. Your strengths, your constraints, your situations, your challenges, your answers, your happiness is too unique to YOU, live to make a great life out of every situation.

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Recently, my prayer has been:
"Lord, You make me lie down in green pastures. This is the green pasture I've been blessed to be in this season. Please, open my eyes to behold the BEAUTY of this shade so I can bask in its BLESSINGS."

Stop comparing your pasture with someone else's.

All pastures are green but they have different shades. The season you are in and the pasture you are serving in might look different from others but that doesn’t make it any less green.

Always remember the One who made you says His plan for you is good and calls you Beautiful. Be-you-tiful. 

Share your thoughts:
What does "green pasture" mean to you? Got any favourite shade(s) of green?

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