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An Inspiration From Wakanda (The 'Black Panther' 2018 Movie)

Y-e-s, yes! I went to see Marvel's latest movie, 'Black Panther' at the cinema yesterday and it was lit! I'm typing from the land of Wakanda right now. Lol. 

The fictional country of Wakanda is certainly a sight to behold in Black Panther. A futuristic metropolis brimming with sound and colour. *holds breathe* Can't catch my breath. Oh my!

Open Your Hand

Black Panther is the latest movie on the box office right now. It’s been the buzz ever since the premiere dropped. That I got to see it yesterday gives me joy. The colours, the movement, the depth, the vibrancy. I was mesmerized. I got all misty-eyed. My goodness. It was art. It was just a feast for my eyes.

One of the things I love about Black Panther is its pure representation of African culture  strong, powerful black men, beautiful, wise women, people of talent and colour. We even see Ankara fabric all over the place. Aww!

Ankara is my vibranium.

And the casting? Superb! Each character nailed their scripts to bits. The people of Wakanda is proud of their heritage and of who they are. They’re the type of heroes who inspire audiences down to their bones.

Gosh. There’s so much to take in from Black Panther. For my part though, I’d like to focus on the inspirational lessons we could benefit from the movie.

Lemme just share one major thing to help us start the week:


We, as Christians are called "the light of the world". And what does light do? It shines. It brightens. It dispels darkness. WE are the world’s spiritual guides, and WE are the good guys who will stand up to injustice.

But sometimes we fail to be the light to those around us.

See where this is leading? Like Wakanda:

Throughout the film, we see how Wakanda turned her back on the world. Her affluence made her leaders petty and fearful. Rather than reaching out to help those in need, the country chooses to put herself above others. She failed to look and go out of Wakanda. At the end of the day, this decision paves the way for a villain like Killmonger to seize control and bring out the worst in her people.

We can become like that too. Instead of meeting our neighbours we shun them, and instead of helping those in need, we turn them away in the name of self-protection. That is not the way Christ called us to live.

Let's not be so consumed by our own self-interest that we close our eyes on those in need.

Let's not be so consumed by our own self-interest that we tighten our hands at those in need.

Sweetie, what's in your hand? Open it.

Go out there and give it to someone who needs it!

I went to Wakanda with a friend, Folake :)

Sometimes inspiration for great ideas and projects are stemmed from reading books and watching films. Have you ever got hit with an enlighten inspiration, and you just want to do something with it? Well, The Black Panther has tons of high motivation and inspiration for entrepreneurs as well. Would share on our next Career-Wednesday. :)

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P.s. If you are planning to see the movie anytime soon. Don't leave the cinema immediately the black screen shows up at the end. There are 2 more credit scenes. Grateful for the guy who told us this earlier on.

Wakanda Forever!

So, have you seen Black Planther yet?
Any lesson from other movie(s) you've seen recently? Which one?
Share oh.


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