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Dear Diary, I Am So Happy For Bola Like!

A close friend, bola got married about three weeks ago and is enjoying her honeymoon right now. The next morning after her wedding day, I asked whether sex was sweet. Guess what she said? 😂

Bola Is Married

OMG, it finally happened. Bola is married! Whoa. . . how weird is that to say? I can’t believe one of my personal persons is actually married! We have been talking about relationship and marriage issues ever since we met.

Bola and I have shared a lot together — pain and sadness, business and money, joy and fun.

We even almost shared a boyfriend. Lol!

Bola and I are both the only daughters in our immediate families, we understand each other's fears and struggles. When we make jokes about kitchen scenarios with our mums, the laughter hurt our bellies.

Bola is my friend . . . Like a sister.

I’m so glad Bola found the one who makes her heart and soul smile. I seriously couldn’t have handpicked anyone better man for her than this God-loving TDH guy. His calm demeanor is a perfect fit for her hyper-activeness. Lol. She knows this.

I see the way she lights up when she is around him, the way she smiles when his name is mentioned, and how excited she is when she talks about the future with him.

I can remember the look on her face, the emotion that spilled out of her when she told me! We'd still squeal every time.

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I can remember that early Monday morning she asked me help pick out her wedding colours. It was a pleasure!

The colours were exactly what she wanted. Perfectttt!

Oh, it gives me pleasure to watch Bola marry the love of her life, the man God molded just for her. I have no doubt that the next journey that life has for both of them, together, will be nothing less than an amazing adventure.

Bola is one of my closest friends, and I'm going to be honest with you: I would have been offended if she didn't ask me to be one of her bride's maids. I couldn't imagine not standing/walking/dancing with her and watching someone else doing it!!!

I knew that as one of her closest friends, it is ideal to serve her in that capacity!

Congratulation babe!
I love you, girl.
And I am so so so happy for you.
I pray your marriage be blessed . . . be fruitful . . . be like heaven on earth!

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I've been to lot of weddings. A lot. I mean, a lot. Many of my friends have navigated the relationship struggles, put in the effort, and have now found the one to promise themselves to forever. That’s exciting! That’s wonderful! I get to be a part of this treasured season, and I get to celebrate with them on one of the most special days of their lives. That’s great. That’s an honour. That’s to be cherished—no matter what my relationship status is. :)

P.s Bola confirmed that sex in marriage, especially on the wedding night is sweet. Choi!!! Future Hubby, if I catch you ehn!?! 

*bites lip*

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