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Dear Diary, An Artist Drew A Picture Of Me On Paper

How would you react when an artist gives you an unsolicited portrait? Would you be surprised, touched, weirded out, what? Would you think that they like you as more than a friend?

Drawn On Paper

As I approached his desk, he handed me his sketchbook. Wondering why he wanted me to take a look, I collected it and opened its pages.

He had lovely sketches of landscapes, abstracts and few portraits. I was wowed at some and simply impressed at others.

At intervals I asked him those "who is this?" and "what inspired you" questions as a journalist would ask an artist. 

"wow. This is nice."

"oh my. You are quite good!"

"Hmmm. . ."

Then suddenly, I found a sketch he had drawn. . . I was speechless.

I ran out to catch my breath.

When I got back to take a long look at the sketch, I thanked him. 

I complimented the drawing. . . and criticized it a bit too. Smh.

"you made my forehead bigger. I can't find my eyebrows. Can you adjust that?"

I am flattered.

But I think it's weird.

The sketch is pretty good and it is a well-thought out (and painstaking) pencil design on a sketchbook. He really really tried.

The picture of me (he got inspiration from)
His sketch

The sketch looks like me. In fact, it is me. Phew.

I am not so much of a drawer (see my sketch of a Mr. Man). I would imagine it took more than an hour to get this done. So I think this is a big deal.

And it wasn't even created via a mobile app like I had done here. It was done using a pencil on paper. Pencil on paper! The thought. The effort. The time.

And to think that it was done by a ma. . . *swallows saliva* Ah, never mind.

Either way, I would like to know how you would have reacted.

* * * * * * 

How would you react if an artist draws a portrait of you and shows it to you?

If you were the young man, how would you want to be treated?

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