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STYLE: Try Monochromatic Outfits For A Week And See What Happens

Happy Style-Sunday! Hope you're having an awesome Sunday? Great. I accidentally started something on WhatsApp which I hashtagged #LifeInColours, and it turned out to be a source of inspiration to me and all my friends.

We all dream, love and live in colours everyday.

Life In Colours

Have you ever seen the rainbow and how beautiful the colours are? Have you also wondered why God even created the rainbow in the first place? Me too!

If God created the rainbow, then it must be significant to our lives.

I think the seven colours of rainbow: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet / purple have significant and unique roles to play in all our life's journey —  healing, wholeness and well-being.

I have been learning and working with colours ever since I started blogging — using a mix of creative expressive arts and style. It has been, and continues to be an INCREDIBLE journey of discovery. Colour has taught me the simplicity of life and taken me through depths of creativity and life itself.

I believe colours define us to a very large extent, every colour has something to say about us . . . about our day . . . about our lives.


It happened last week that I was wearing single coloured outfits to the office back–to–back and I didn't realize until the third day. Glancing through my phone after work on Wednesday, I discovered this unconscious monochromatic concept of mine . . . I was loving my pictures actually, because as usual, I took at least a picture each day.


At the start of the week, I really wasn't motivated to work tbh. Hence, the 'Provocation Needed' post.

Black made me feel powerful. Thankfully, I exuded confidence like I was ready for work and could do the impossible tasks.

"Bring it on, yo!"


Wearing red made me feel feminine and sexy. I was practically visible at work as my red outfit drew attention.

"Soft work is our work work oh."


In grey, I felt like a professional, as in, grey got me looking like a stable, cautious, sophisticated career woman. But I almost had feelings of being invisible as compared to red. (Too much grey isn't so great after all, but a touch could be just fine).

"Yes, we make things happen!"

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After work on Wednesday, I was starting to nurse the idea of wearing single coloured clothes to the office for the rest of the week.

That was how my free–spirited self put up a status on WhatsApp asking for ideas on what colour I should wear on Thursday with a hashag #LifeInColours, that anyone whose suggestion eventually came to light would get a free 2G mobile internet data. (You know how people use Instastories on IG, huh? I do that on WhatsApp a lot! That's because most of the people on my contact list are close friends, which makes it easier and much more comfortable to express myself)

Not like I knew what I was going to wear yet

Lol. To my amazement, people responded. And more than 84% of those who responded suggested blue. So I opted for blue. And I'm glad I did.


The sky is blue and everyone seem to like it. Blue created serenity around me. I appeared dependable and conservative. Even an Okadaman complimented me on my way home.

Fam, the sky is our starting point!

* * * * * * * * * * *
And just when I thought I was done with #LifeInColours and there was no point bothering my friends on WhatsApp again about what to wear on Friday, few of my friends were interested in knowing what I would wear. Why? I honestly didn't know. Lol.

They got me excited about "tomorrow" here

I took it as a sign because at that point, a dawning started to dawn on me. Pun intended. So I continued #LifeInColour on WhatsApp to see where this would lead.

It led to "tomorrow". Tomorrow always show up as today. That's why we must live everyday as though it were our last day here.


Most people know I love to wear Ankara especially on Friday's. I tried to avoid it, but I couldn't bring myself to trade Ankara for any other colour. Ankara is a colour all by itself. Yeah, tell them I said so. LOL.

Posts That'll Make Anyone Love Ankara:

When your fabric has all the colours you love and more—red, yellow, orange, blue, green—what else do you want? Ankara is bae! Ankara has my heart. I've told you this over and over and over again.

Anyway I sha wore black with a dash of ankara (as belt and scarf). A touch of Ankara made a huge impact. I felt authentic, alive, African and Amaka-ish. Hehehe. . .Let the weekend begin!

A week of my life in colours

It was an exciting adventure with clothes by the use of colour.

And guess what I discovered? Every choice of colour creates an atmosphere and each colour radiates out unique creating energy around.

What exactly is my point? The point is. . .

Life is in colours. The earth itself is endowed with colours, from the nourishing green of nature to the blue sky and the wonderful red roses; I’m sure you agree with me that God created the universe beautifying it with varieties of colours. And He wants us to enjoy and appreciate the beauties therein.

On daily basis through our interaction with our environment, our food choices and the dresses we wear, we can create whatever mood we want. Colour helps you do this and as we’ve experienced, making a colour decision and seeing it come to life is both gratifying and empowering.

Life can indeed be filled with more fun, more inspiration and more love when filled with colourful things – whether it be a scarf, a cosy bedspread, a book or new shoes – it shouldn’t cost a fortune to build a stylish, colourful life.

Be stylish. Be colourful. Be-you-tiful.

P.s A big shout out to Vicky, Daezy, Ore-ofe, Ugo, Mr. Micheal, Suzzy, Josh, Bro Debo, Elijah, Victor, T-rex, Uma and everyone who responded to my WhatsApp Status on #LifeInColours. You are part of the reason the world is a better place. Thanks for inspiring this post. Love you guys! Mwah!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please share your thought(s) on how colours effect on your mood. Would you also try this for a week?

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