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You Need Some Provocation

Hi! Thanks for checking out this personal and intimate space. You'll find I share a great deal of my heart here. I have always liked to write and often found it to be therapeutic when facing different life experiences.

This time, it's not easy. I am no longer comfortable just being here.

Provocation Needed

I hung out with my creative friends from The Amplify Network last weekend. We celebrated promotions and greater achievements. We shared lessons from where we've been, testimonies about where we are and possibilities for where we are going. It was an inspiring hang out.

One of the things I said I needed accountability on, is starting a talk show. It's been lingering for months.

When Ify asked me what I was waiting for, I said I needed a push. Then she pushed me with her hand. Lol. But I knew what I meant by "push". I knew what I needed.

An inspiration is needed to embark on a new project. . . to embark on a new journey. . .to start anything.

Even though I am currently in Nigeria, I attend The Potter's House at Texas via YouTube. Yeah, yeah. Bishop T. D jakes' yesterday's sermon was what my spirit needed at a such a time as this. It is loaded! Watch it below:

Oops! If the video didn't play, CLICK HERE.

Bishop said "provocation is when God moves you to do something you would not otherwise move into". He also said  "God will bring you to a place that makes you uncomfortable. Provocation is not comfortable."

He taught three principles of provocation:

"If you are not informed, you can't be inspired. 
If you are not inspired, you can't be better.
If you are not better, you can't impart others."

The lesson is so much. He spoke deeep!

I wasn't inspired to come by the blog this morning but the words resound.

"If you know anything, you gotta teach it.
If you can do anything, you gotta mentor somebody.
When you give yourself away, you allow God give you more."

"You have a blessing for someone else to enjoy. Stop being selfish."


I'm squeezing your hand right now.
May this week be productive!
Stay inspired.

What do you do when your productivity level is low and you must get the job done?

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