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STYLE: When Your Fabric Is Everything

Happy Sunday! How are you? And your weekend? Everything is fine and everyone is good over here. :)

Fabric Is Everything

You walk into a store to peruse the latest tops and dresses on the racks and see if you can pick one or two. But as you're looking through, what makes you decide whether you want something?

For most of us - besides the obvious factors of price and design - it's simply how the fabric feels and looks.

No matter how beautiful the details or how well-crafted the seams are, a clothe made from a flimsy, scratchy or pilling fabric is never a good addition to any wardrobe. You need an eye for your fabric.

Your fabric can affect many things about your entire look: its weight, texture and colour, have a lot to do with the style you choose to pull off. It can be a major determinant of your physical appearance: the way they drape on your body, the way you feel when you wear them, the way you brighten up when you wear them and even the memories they create after you wear them.

What's your most favourite fabric?

There is actually one fabric I can vouch for. A-ha! I guess you know it already. *grins*

Nope, it's not that lace fabric I mentioned the other day. It's the same Ankara fabric I talk about every other day!

Ankara fabric is bae.

There is really no big deal about the styling of this dress, it's just a simple baggy dress with no zip, no button, no fancy decoration. The only special thing is the fabric - so beautiful and so colourful.

Ankara fabric can make you look chic and stylish effortlessly.

I am obsessed with Ankara fabric. They make a statement and you don't need anything else to stand out. (More reason why I don't mind one of my naughty charming friends calling me "Ankara" instead of "Amaka". Lol.)

Check these out for some simple inspiration:

Yep. This dress is a product of a do-it-yourself project. I also made accessories out of the fabric (would probably show you next week).

There are dozens of factors to consider for every piece of clothing you own. And sometimes, you just have to let go of the other factors and focus on the fabric . . . because the fabric can be EVERYTHING that you need in a dress!

When you replace those sandals with some heels . . . omo! Party don start niyen!

Please, why would anyone not love Ankara fabric?!

P.S Hi guys. This post was scheduled long before "Ankara Is Not African" hit me like a trailer. I almost deleted it but . . .

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