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How To Sell Yourself In 2 Minutes

It's Career-Wednesday! Imagine yourself in an elevator standing next to the biggest fish in your industry. Maybe it’s the chairman of your dream company, or a top class client you wish to have. And all you have is two minutes to make a strong impression about your strengths, your business or your company, what do you say?

Create An Elevator Pitch

This is the second time I would be attending an event where the speaker would select somebody and ask them to sell themselves in two minutes. See first time here

I got home, faced the mirror, and attempted to sell myself to myself. After about 30 minutes, I still wouldn't even buy myself.

The next day I was determined to create an elevator pitch. I did. Yay!

What Is An Elevator Pitch?

It’s simply called an elevator pitch because you should be able to go through your entire speech of answering the "tell me about yourself" or "what do you do?" within the time that it takes to travel from the top floor to the ground floor in an elevator.

Why You Need An Elevator Pitch
  • Do you ever feel a little tongue-tied or a bit off-balance when you are asked what you do, or just uncomfortable talking about yourself? An elevator pitch gives you a ready-to-go introduction. 
  • To avoid being caught unawares, an elevator pitch helps you avoid awkwardness because you are somewhat prepared for the moment.
  • When you have a well-practiced elevator pitch, you can present yourself as more confident, and make others more willing to trust you and consider you a contact they can't afford to miss!
  • If you successfully develop yours and learn to use it strategically, it can work for you to make networking more successful at generating new leads, developing relationships and advancing your career.

Isn't that we all want? Great. Now, 

How Do You Create an Elevator Pitch

It's hard but it's easy . . . You have to think. Creating an elevator pitch is a process of self-analysis and mental exercise in focus. The process of developing it makes you THINK precisely about who you are, what you do, and what you want others to know about you in the simplest of terms.

There are actually a ton of samples on the web. Make a research and select any one that best describes you and what you do.

You can use the following steps as a guide:

Step 1: Identify a problem. Ask a question that identifies the problem. This engages them and gives you a lead-in to Step 2.
Step 2: Give a boiled down version of what you do and how it solves the problem you identified in Step 2.
Step 3: Provide a call to action that specifically tells what you want them to do now. (to save your number, to call you or to have their number)

Sell Yourself Like Jesus Would

The steps above was taken from the Bible. Jesus is the greatest promoter, marketer and brand manager ever. Jesus sold Himself beautifully in those days. I saw some pointers on the Bible and I was wowed. 

In John 14:6 He said,
“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” 

Why did He make such a bold and outrageous statement? Because it was true. 

Step 1: Jesus identified a problem - We want to get to God. 
Step 2: Jesus tells us who He is - He is the way, the truth, and the life. Then, Jesus explains how He solves the problem identified in Step 1. He says we can only get to God through Him.
Step 3: Jesus provides a call to action - Just Believe.

In fact, the entire Chapter is a business proposal. Jesus literally sold Himself there. When you have time, read John 14.

Tips To Help Your 2 Minutes


A miracle can happen in two minutes. You just never know! Even though opportunities don’t come along frequently, you can handle them the right way – and shine – as long as you walk into those moments prepared.


When you talk about something you love, you emit an energy that makes you appear super confident. Whoever listens can tell you are someone who really loves what you do.


Jesus sells Himself as the Life-giving Water and He mentions whoever drinks of Him would never thirst again. It’s tough to compete with eternal life and forgiveness of sin, but the job of getting people on board with what you’re doing is a lot easier when you can give them a benefit for signing up.

People remember people who can help them.


Finally, present a perfect image for the part of "you" you sell. Walk, talk, and look the part. It is OK if they remember just ONE thing about you. What exactly do you want to point out about yourself, your business, your service?

You have to act confident and friendly with good eye contact, a strong handshake (I prefer knuckles sha), and a lot of smiles. Even though you've prepared and practiced, keep it natural.

Below is the fourth attempt at selling myself as a social media consultant to the Acting president of Nigeria, Professor Osibajo, lol:

Click on 'listen in browser'

I'm not there yet, but I am getting better. :D

Your turn, imagine you are on an elevator with the president of your country, how would you sell yourself in 2-minutes?


P.s Reposted. This article was first published in August. We had no 'Inspirational Review' on Monday and 'Dear Diary' on Tuesday because I haven't edited the drafts to make them public-ready. They are still so pure and raw with fresh emotions. Maybe next week . . . Thanks for always taking out time to be here.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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