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I am not a Worker

Seriously, I don't like to talk about church. But when it gets so heavy on my heart, I can't keep quiet. You know how it goes for me, I give it all out.

Why do we think that the only way one can serve God is by being a worker?

When I was in school, each time I went back home to attend my local church, I worked with the children and teenagers department, I also worked with  the evangelism department but never joined any of the department. I enjoyed serving in every way. It wasn't out of duty, it was out of love. I loved it that way.

So when I graduated and was fully back home, which means I will have to be fully in the church too. I continued my normal routine. Worked with the teenagers, went for evangelism and market outreaches.

And brethren kept asking, "Are you a worker?"
I answered, "No."
Then some would go on to ask, "But you've undergone the workers-in-training process, what's stopping you?"

It baffled me. Week after weeks, month after months. I prayed. And finally, I joined the Evangelism department as a "worker". Well, I had though it shouldn't be any different as I was already working with the team. Alas, it was different altogether.

As a worker in my local church, you are to compulsorily attend every programme, meeting, service, e.tc. Not attending (although without asking for permission) is counted as sin. You know what comes after a sin? Punishment, of course. And as a result, I was always committing sin. (lol)

I get the feeling that I'm in the church because I am a worker. I hear brethren say, "If not that I am worker, I wouldn't come to church today." Believe me, I didn't realize until I said that too. But that's closed. I took a decision to let go of the tag; #Worker. I do not want to be called a worker any longer.

Some concluded I had backslided. Some even said I had looked back on the plough. (If you don't know what that means, then read Luke 9:62) Yet, no one ever bothered to ask, "How is your relationship with God?"

There is more to church than being a worker. There is more to Christianity than service.

Why should being called a worker mean you are at the right standing with God? I know some Christians who dress so cool on Sundays, dust their bibles, go for workers' meetings, and head straight for the altar but are so far away from living out Jesus. Many people are willing to serve the church but aren't ready to seek the face of God. They should be exactly termed as the wolves in sheep clothings. Hypocrites!

God is not looking for more servers, He is looking for seekers. I want to serve not because I am called a worker but because I love God and seek His face. I need God to serve Him. God doesn't need me to serve Him. 

If you think serving in the choir, being an usher, wearing a robe, being ordained a deacon/deaconess, or pastoring a church can supplement for your relationship with God. You're so on a long thing.

Don't get me wrong. Being a worker in the church is an incredible honour. In fact, God is proud of you for being a worker in the church, heaven applauds you for your early-going to church and late-leaving the church, the angels rejoices that you are. But will that sustain you? Will that increase your faith? Does it deepen your relationship with God? Does it grant you entrance into the kingdom of God?

There is a beauty and joy in serving. But that alone cannot prepare you for the journey ahead. Serving alone does not plant your faith deeply in the love of God. That you are serving doesn't mean that you are saved. You need to hunger for more of Him. You need to dwell and live in righteousness. God needs men after His heart. The Bible says, Obedience is better than sacrifice.

The church should learn not to worry about how we serve but how we are saved. Until we realise that service is an addition and not a foundation, we are headed down a road paved by false doctrines. Salvation comes before service, service comes after a personal encounter with God.

God is not looking for servers, he is looking for seekers. Heart work is more important than hard work. Being a worker is not just enough.

Thanks for reading.
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Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
Twitter: @Amakamedia
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