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There is a New Dance in Town

I love to dance. (Note that I didn't say I know how to o. lol) I dance a lot. Most times, it's in front of my mirror sha. *covers face*  Dance is an expression of emotions. It is a perfect way to lift up my vibrations and chase away the blues. I also enjoy watching people dance. I'd like to tell you about this dance I just discovered. . .

You know I'm being paid to talk about the News on Entertainment in Nigeria, which includes the latest Nigerian Music Videos. Yeah? So I found a particular video today o. The one I like. I really like. :)

The video displays an interesting funny dance step. It is called the "Bolingo" dance. Yes o. The Bolingo dance is the new dance in town now. And I'm loving it!

Oya, let me teach you. Do as I say:
  • First step: Put your arm akimbo
  • Second step: Take it down to the middle
  • Third step: Push it down to the centre
  • Fourth step: Oya do the dance (roll your waist)
Lol. Let's do it again jhorr.

Dance is good for the heart. How often do you dance freely and let go of stress? 

Next Sunday will be the first Sunday of the month of  November. It is tagged "Thanksgiving Sunday" I shall be doing the Bolingo dance for God in Church. :)

The video is directed by Mex, produced by Mr. Chidoo featuring Yemi Alade. You can watch it here:

Did I tell you I love this video? Oh yes, I do!

(Source: Uche and Moyo)

Posted by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
Twitter: @Amakamedia
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Sampson said...

Bolingo??. Very soon they will bring Sheraton that's if you know what i mean. Lool!!

Nwamaka Onyekachi said...

Ah, Sampson! lol.

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