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PHOTO: How Crazily Creative Can You Be?

This is something close to what I've been working on. Did you know that to be creative can mean to be crazy? Lol. Let's do crazy today!

Crazitvity Drill

Drilling your creative skills means inviting some playful work. Creativity takes hard work, but it can be incredibly fun and rewarding when it's done without being "serious" 

I thought this playful but practical exercise can help us boost our creativity level. I've been saving these pictures on my phone for a while now. I just love looking at them. They are courtesy of my contacts on BBM. 

This is how to play; 
It's very easy. You will look deeply (as in beyond the surface) at the images to discover something "crazitive" (crazy + creative). Then, you will share the ideas you got from any of them.


image 1
image 2 
image 3
image 4
image 5
image 6
image 7 
image 8 
image 9
image 10 
image 11

OK, I'll go first. 

I have picked two images, but my ideas are not so crazitive . . . 

Image 1: It's almost like the story of 'David and Goliath' where God helped David defeat the giant. However, I discover that the little ant backed the big rock. It appears like those who are behind us are more against us than those who are before us. 

Image 10: Maybe because I often use glasses. I discover that the shadow of the frame is quite different from the original frame, in fact, it is finer. It's weird that I like the shadow more. lol. It says you can learn and copy from other people, to turn out better than they are.

Now your turn. Don't think too hard. Just be crazitive!  :)

(Image source: BBM) 

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