Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pronouncing "base" Words

Mr. S and Mr. Zed can be very mischievous sometimes. They like playing pranks on us. You know?

There is a need to learn the way out of their pranks. This might help . . .

Lesson 4
Word of the Day: base

Sometimes we fall into the temptation of pronouncing the "s" as "z" . It's high time we overcame the temptation.

The following "base" words have their first syllable pronounced the same. The "s" is "s" 

basement         = \ beis . . . \

Read out this sentence as you gently pronounce 's': based on that basic performance, the baseball player was taken to the basement.

Listen below:

When Mr. Zed tries to deceive us in these words, we know what to do. Right? 

Until two weeks again. 

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