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Hair Number 2015, 1097, 339 and 21 Falls Out

Hello sweethearts of my blogosphere! How are you all doing? I've kind of missed you all (especially my fellow bloggers). I'm currently working on a project that consumes more time than I had planned. That explains my latest sneaking in and out. This might probably be the shortest Monday Inspirational article on here . . .

God Numbered Your Hair

So I finally took out the dreadlocks. And as I was combing my hair, I lost quite a number of 'hairs'. I wanted to cry. No, I actually cried.

"Oh God o!!! What is happening to me?!!!" I was really scared. For every combing, my hair broke away.

This is my hair!

Then this verse surfaced,
"But the very hairs of your head are all numbered." - Matthew 10:30
Whao! I screamed. God keeps track of my kinky hair. I just can't get over this revelation. I am still high on it like everyday. I have so much to write about this. But I have to try as much as I can as I can to keep to my posting time. It's almost 5:59 AM.

Sweetheart, God knows the number of hair on your head! He knows exactly how many hairs there are on our heads; each one had been counted and numbered. He was aware about my hair at that time. He knew about my hair breakage. And he knew each one that had fallen.

Every time our hair drops. God knows how many hairs are left on our heads. And He also knows how many are growing back! He knows because He bothers to count them again. When it comes to you, He always has time for every little thing about you.

When I think about the fullness of my hair and how really annoying it can get, I find it ecstatic to know that God is counting. As in, it's thrilling! It would be hard to find someone so in love with me that will actually take the time to count the hairs on my head. It is not even humanly possible!

Who can love you enough to count your hair?

God's love is awesome! Never ever doubt God's love for you. God has placed such a high value on us that He is interested in the smallest details of our lives. He knows every breaking and shredding. He knows. 

God knows you intimately. He knows every small problem you are worried about and every single burden you have. And when you approach Him for help, He has all the time for you as though you are the only one in the world. That is how valuable you are to Him and how crazily obsessed He is about you.

I just thought to let you know this.
I love you, sweeties.
Have a great week!
Stay inspired.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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