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I Met God (7)

"Ehen, so You are a jealous Lover? Ah,  Jealousy-jealousy!" I teased Him.

His Jealousy

It was noon. God and I was having a good time together. We talked about His plans for my future. He told me how much He desires to see me prosper and be in good health. He told me He came just for love. All He wants to do is to love me.

"You can so love the world!" I teased.

He laughed. "Sweetheart, I can't help it. Why do you think my friends call me 'Love'? I am that I am."

I smiled.

"I know you know I am the best lover ever." He bragged.

"Yes, I do!" I said, and smiled.

"Can you remember when you asked for help cos' you were falling in love with Jerry?" (flashback)

"Ah my Lord! Why do you have to bring Jerry into our conversation na?

He laughed, "Because I want you to stop comparing the love I have for you with the love you and Jerry shared. They are very different."

Aha, caught in the thought! I had actually thought about how much Jerry should have loved me right back as much as I have loved him. I kept wondering where we got it wrong. So God definitely read my heart. . . again.

He came closer, "Sweetheart, can I tell you something?"

"What is it, My Lord?"

"I was jealous when you spent more time with Jerry but ignored me."

"Ahhhh. . . Lord, I. . . I am sorry!!!" 

"I'm glad I have your attention now. With your heart in my arms and your eyes fixed on me. I will write you a love story that has never been told before. Trust me, I have reserved the best for you."

I sobbed. There was something about His voice. So gentle. So calm. So sweet. His words pierced my heart. Then I wept.

"Oh! My Lord, my Love, my Maker, my Keeper. . . You know me more intimately and love me more deeply. Teach me to love You! I want to know You. . . I want to truly truly love you! When it seems like I want to walk away from You, please pull me back and never let me go! Please, forgive me."

He gently whispered, "I love you." And He has never stopped saying those sweet words to me.

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