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STYLE: What I Wore to Church (2)

knock-knock! Who is home? Happy Sunday, sweeties! How are you doing? Church today? :)

WIW: A Simple Ankara Dress

What I Wore (WIW) is going to be a special weekly post for Sundays. I'm beginning to take my modelling career seriously. Lol.

I had wanted to publish this post last Sunday, but felt I needed to first write 'Enjoying Life' so that you can understand where I'm coming from. I love to take pictures. It's a hobby I'm wishing should bring me money someday. Lol. It will be so nice to be paid just to smile in front of the camera. If only wishes were horses!

Lemme tell you a short story . . .

Three years ago, my very first personal computer was stolen. I cried and cried. I didn't cry because I lost a laptop, or because I lost my files. I cried because all my pictures were gone. I was pained because the laptop was stolen when the memory card on my phone got corrupted. I literally lost all my memory pictures - on phone and on laptop. It was really painful.

Then I bought a new memory card and got back all my favourite music, videos and applications. But I couldn't get back all my pictures, except the ones I had earlier posted on Facebook. Sadly.

It was then I discovered how reliable a social media account can be. So then I made up my mind to always take pictures, and save them on any of my social media accounts. They are somewhat permanent there.

It's been dawning on me to save some pictures on my blog. But I didn't know how to go about it. So I've got an idea on how to do it now. I will be saving the pictures of 'What I Wore' to church, events, weddings, etc. to keep a diary of my styles.

Catch my drift?

Having said that, this was what I wore to church last week . . .

WIW actually started some months ago. I had stylishly posted 'What I Wore' to church (here and here), to the office (here and here), and for an event (here and here). So you see? It's not exactly new.

I'm only giving it a name so that you will not be surprised when you keep seeing WIW. My regular posts usually comes up at 5:59 AM GMT West Africa. But since I have to do church on Sundays before I even know What I Wore, WIW will come on at 5:59 PM GMT West Africa. I'm excited! *grins* 

"Fashion is general. Style is personal." 

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