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My First Jumpsuit Ever

Happy Style-Sunday sweeties! I have a secret that I’m a bit shy to share. You ready . . . ? Okay. This is the first jumpsuit that I have ever worn. Phew, that felt good to get off my chest. Lol.

My First Jumpsuit Ever

I knew I wanted to wear something other than the typical denim skirt and top that I was known to wear for an event tagged "sporty". I stumbled on a nice thrift store (a.k.a okrika, a.k.a bend-down-select) to pick some items. Then I picked something that was totally different from what I had in mind (if I had any at all). 

A jumpsuit.

Never had one. Never worn one. It was a step of faith. Lol.

So I wore a jumpsuit for the first time. And I really really love it. I'm now considering sewing one in my favourite fabric - Ankara.

What I Love About My First Jumpsuit

1. I love that it is very comfy, which makes it perfect to wear whenever and wherever I deem fit.

2. I love that it's a versatile piece – you can dress it down with a pair of sneakers (which is what I did) or dress it up with some killer heels. You can wear a jacket on it for layering or tuck it in on a skirt as a blouse. Yipee! I always feel like I've worn a jackpot when I find a piece that can be worn in different ways.

3. I love the colour combo. Its neutrality leaves me enough freedom to choose from my collection of Ankara accessories. The down part looks like grey, yet looks like green. Nice.

Wait a minute, I only just got comfortable wearing grey after a week of scary colours' challenge. *shocked* Could it be that I was being prepared to confidently rock a grey-like jumpsuit for such a time as this!?

4. And I love that I got it for only N300 (three hundred Naira). *grins*

Two fingers in the air . . .  the victory sign.

I know I’m not the only one who has looked at certain clothes and feel as though they can’t shine through it. Here is a little inspiration though, you shouldn’t let that deter you. Fashion is supposed to be an adventure, have fun. If you ever come across something that you’re afraid to try, try it any way!

You just never know . . . it could turn out to be the perfect outfit.

(I posted a picture of me wearing a wrapper on Instagram here)

we did it!


P.s Did I tell you my first jumpsuit ever was worn to a church youth event? Yeah! If I could it rock there (in God's presence, lol), then it can be rocked anywhere else. It's safe to say my style is evolving, because yours truly definitely couldn't pull this off in 2016. Ah, change is real.

Your turn. What item of clothing have you always wanted to try and were a bit scared to? What have you surprisingly found yourself  doing lately?

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