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School Uniform Inspired Outfit

Hi sweeties. Enjoying your Sunday? Today's style post reminds me of my school uniforms, amazing where the inspiration comes from in fashion.

Dressed For School

I rocked this outfit to work on a Monday in September. I realized I only posted it on Instagram and not on the blog. Well, I had thought it wasn't necessary but then again, an outfit post becomes a go-to when you absolutely want to stick to your blog schedule and not leave the day blank.

It's Style-Sunday. Style we must blog and post we must have. Isn't that what they call being consistent!?

Alrightie. In this post I'm wearing a bow tie on a shirt tucked in a pleated skirt, I pretty much just wanted a natural nerdy-coporate-chic look and bang! It came out nice.

All my life, the dominant colour in my school uniforms had been blue. Primary school uniform was navy blue and white. Secondary school uniform was sky blue and white. University uniform was sky blue and black/navy blue (Lol. yeah, we wore school uniforms in my university. Especially because some female students were almost appearing nude for lectures. It was in the set before mine that the faculty decided students should wear a uniform colour to lecture halls in order to promote decency and a culture of professionalism). And I've always worn ties in all the stages.

I felt dressed for school in this outfit. Really.

It dawned on me that I was indeed on my way to school that Monday morning, even though I was going to the office. Because . . .


No matter how many degrees we have or what kind of education we received, there are some things that only life can teach us - lessons that we only learn in the school of life.

Meet Ugo of Beautiful Eagle

The same day I wore a yellow shirt on a navy blue skirt and posted on Instagram, my friend Ugo commented she was wearing same colours. I screamed knowing she was in a different city, then I told her to send me a picture. We were sure signed up for the same lesson that day. Lovely.

Teach me, O LORD . . . Psalm 119:33

I believe in every season there is something to learn. What have you been learning lately?

P.s Work has been taking the best of my creative juice this past week. Thanks for always reading.

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