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STYLE: Go Wild With Layering

You might think of layering as a thing that happens with jackets, sweaters and suits . . . ever thought about layering with dresses or skirts? It's style Sunday. I have something to show you. :)


You know how it feels when you find out that there is actually a common name for all those i-just-did-it and oh-wow-it-worked things you've been doing for years. That's how I felt when I understood what "layering" means in fashion.
Layering is all about pairing different kinds of clothes together to create one cozy, bundled up, thrown-together look that seems effortless yet very fashionable.
The world of fashion is quite interesting . . . especially when you are a fashion journalist/writer. You would have to know the most accurate fashion lingo and clothing terms to guide your content, such as 'vintage', 'geek chic', 'monochrome', etc.

Well, I'm no fashion journalist. I do help you (and private clients)to find your personal stylereshuffle your wardrobe, educate you on the beauty of colours, develop good shopping habitschallenge you to be creative with clothes, and evolve in your style of fashion. In other words, I just love to show you how to express yourself with the clothes in your wardrobe and shine with what you wear everyday.

There are almost no boundaries when it comes to wearing the clothes in my wardrobe. They are my clothes and I know how they fit and work for me. Once I get an idea in my head, then my creative juices go wild. Many might think “this girl has gone crazy.” And it’s probably true. Because what was I thinking about when I wore a longer skirt over a mini skirt (see the post here). So I thought why not wear a longer dress under your short dress.

This concept could be outside the norm for your comfort, but if you like uniqueness, it might be for you! Besides, we layer tops without a second thought, why not dresses? Just think of it as another way to wear a dress that may be much too short by itself (this could also work with a non shirt dress).

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It's wild. It's different. And it's stylish!

So, sweetheart, if you do find a fabulous dress you’d love to buy/wear but you’re worried it might be too short or revealing—this trick could be all the enabling you need. 

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P.s Been blogging very sparingly lately. Apologies to those who consistently visit Heart Rays. We're going growing through things that are still unprocessed. Thanks for your patience and support.

Back to layering, the other day I wore a sleeveless short slip dress over a top and skirt. And it worked fine. Might be sharing some personal tips on wild layering next week. I said "might" but your comments can influence that.

You like? Do you layer? 

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