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What I Wore: Ankara Pleated Skirt

Happy Style-Sunday! 90% of the time I enjoy showing you how to rock Ankara fabric in various ways. Here is another one. :)

Pleated Ankara Skirt

The mixture of colours and pattern on this Ankara fabric has me salivating. First of all, let me gist you about how I got this fabric:

I like to think my mum is one of the best teachers in the world. I'm not kidding. Sometimes I get jealous with the love being poured on her by her students (both from school and from church). Shey I wee not come and go and become a teacher like this? 😷 The show of love serves as an inspiration to be the best and give the best in whatever you've been called to do. One way or the other, you will always be blessed for being a blessing to others.

We're almost deviating. Let's go back to the real gist . . .

Six yards of this beautiful Ankara fabric was gifted to my mum by one of her students. She showed it to me and asked what to do with it, I told her a super simple gown would be perfect. I designed a dress for her and she loved it. I smiled.

One of the reasons behind my smile was because she'd only need 4 yards to sew the dress. So what happens to the remaining 2 yards? Your guess is as good as mine. 😂

The interesting thing about this fabric is that its breadth was longer than usual. So two yards seemed like two and a half. I was able to make a pleated skirt out of it. Thank God.

I wanted all attention to be on the skirt, so I kept every other piece - shirt, shoes, and hat - neutral.

Like we stated last week, you really can’t go wrong with wearing neutrals. Adding a neutral piece to any outfit can make brighter colours and prints pop, allowing you to really draw attention to that special bag, necklace or printed dress of yours.

P.S I'm wearing an oversized shirt. You know who owns it? peep here

Thanks for always reading. How have you been?

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