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STYLE: Go Neutral

In today's post, I was trying to do a bit of minimalism. How do you get maximum effect from just one element? Well, I tried.

Go Neutral

I hardly ever go on a complete minimalistic look as it is. I would normally just add elements of minimalism to my outfits and then add a dash of colour, prints, texture or whatever I fancy at the time. But with this outfit, I only wanted the beauty of the jewellery to shine through in all its colour, shape and texture.

This outfit is an advert for a friend's business. She makes unique handmade necklaces that can go for both corporate and traditional outfits. I wore one she gave me I bought out of love, took pictures, and sent to her. She appreciated it. Not every customer would do that. Most pay and go. Well, that's what an entrepreneur gets for being my friend. :)

I adore how the entire colour scheme is the same, yet the outfit is anything but boring. Sometimes the most subtle elements is all you need to get the maximum effect, sometimes less can truly be more. Let's just say its my take on minimalism. :)

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For those who didn't know; In fashion, neutrals are colours that can go with anything, and they're essentials for building your wardrobe. Basic neutrals are:
  • black (been my #1 for years)
  • grey (stumbled on it this year)
  • navy (see previous style post)
  • brown (slowing topping up the chart)
  • khaki, and 
  • white
Going neutral comes natural to men generally. But for women, (or maybe for me, lol) neutrals are mostly worn on lazy days because they are effortlessly chic and stylish.

I've learnt that going neutral might seem boring to you at first, but it turns out anything but boring once you know how to make it look incredibly versatile, complementary and stylish.

Just a splash of colour in your jewellery is enough to keep things girly and feminine. . . so you shine!

You like? What's your favourite neutral?

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