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Dear Diary, No Picture To Show For It

Always remember your life is to showcase the glory and beauty of God.

No Pictures, More Glorious

That Sunday, in March, I was asked to speak on a subject related to business. I was standing in front of over 800 people at the church service. The excitement of the congregation was contagious. Being a speaker where people laugh, clap and respond to your questions feels amazing. We had fun. But, I have no picture to show for it.

That Friday, in July, I was asked to host a talk show on a topic related to self esteem. I was standing in front of over 50 people at the Youth Conference. It was an interesting, eye-opening and mind-blowing session. There was so much to learn and share with one another. We were blessed. But, I have no picture to show for it.

That Sunday, in September, I was asked to host a 3-man panel discussion to dissect issues on relationship. We were seated in front of over 850 people at the church service. My! It was one of the best panel discussions I've ever anchored. It couldn't have been me asking those deep questions and the guests answering with such authenticity and soundness. Burdens were lifted off many shoulders and scales were fallen off many eyes. We were touched. But, I have no picture to show for it.

I wish I could just post pictures of me while holding the mic so I could boost my profile. I wish I could just post a short video of the talk shows so those following on social media could see and feel what God does through me. But, I have no picture to show for it.

It just seemed strange that in all of these programmes, no picture of me was taken. 

And even if there was, I wasn't given.

I found none.

I saw none.

I posted none.

The other night, I thanked God for how He has been using me in so many little ways. I thanked Him for the many little platforms He has provided me to express the gifts I have been blessed with. I thanked Him for the opportunity to serve . . . 

Not being paid is never an issue for me, but having no pictures or videos of these programmes really breaks my heart. 

"What is my evidence?"

Coming to God like a baby girl. I just lay bare, open and transparent before Him. I tell Him how jealous I am when I see the other sister flaunting a picture of her holding the mic. I share the pain of hosting events without having a picture to show for it.

"Why didn't the media guys take any picture of me?!" "Didn't they know I would need some pictures for marketing/advertizing?!" "I don't have even any picture to show for it!?!"

"I am glorified", He whispered. 

That was all that mattered.

Tremendous peace and joy swept through my heart. And I went back to bed.

(September 2017)

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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Heart Rays . . . giving light.

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