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Today Goes Into History!

We did it!!! Issa Nigeria!!! We have made history!!! I was alive when it happened!!!

Super Eagles Makes History

Oh, I love football.

I may not always enjoy watching every match, but I sure like to have a fresh perspective about life through the game that I watch.

You know what they say about celebrating little wins, huh? It's so true.

When I watched the Nigeria vs Cameroon match last month and we won, I took it personally. I talked about it, tweeted about it, and even blogged about it. Shhh . . . Don't tell anyone that I took it as a sign of victory in a battle I was fighting at the time. Lol.

When I watched the next Nigeria vs Gambia match and we drew, I didn't say much about it. Our chance to qualify for the World Cup was a 50-50, so we kept our fingers crossed.

Your victory may be delayed, but it cannot be denied. 

Today, October 7, 2017, Nigeria played against Zambia and qualified for the world cup. It became a breathtaking victory.

Nigeria becomes the first African Country to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. 

History has been made. (I was alive. Aha!)

Alex Iwobi scores the winning goal
(Source: Premium Times)

The interesting thing about this game is that the first half was goalless. Nigeria tried all they could to score in the first half, but Zambia defenders gave no room for any gaffe as they held on in the first 45 minute of play. Not until Alex Iwobi scored a goal in the 73rd minute that Nigeria got the victory over the Zambians.

So it ended Nigeria 1-0 Zambia as the Super Eagles qualified for the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. 

Keep your eyes on the prize

There is a certain beautiful resonance to all of this, life is like football where your small wins lead to the eventual win of the bigger goal.

It may look as though you are losing, keep the faith.

It may look as though you are making no progress, keep the faith.

Be consistent. Be dedicated. You just might be on your way to making a mark in history.

—————. Ps .———

Take note of today's date!



Right to left and left to right, the numbers are same. (copied)

————. . . ————

Happy weekend!
Keep celebrating!

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