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DIARY: The Fabric, The Model And The Mannequin (Part 2)

I am generally not fascinated by mannequins. Some can be so creepy that they give you nightmares. They will haunt you if you buy the clothes they display. I'm not kidding!

. . . Continued from previous diary entry.

Mannequin Competing With A Model?

I think it's about time stores caught the drift: Customers want to see beautiful mannequins modelling the clothes they're deciding to buy.

We want to see mannequins that look like actual humans and not some scary creatures.

Look. Why is the head of this one a cone now? Sigh.

See. How can a mannequin open its mouth like this when it can't talk. Is it screaming and laughing at me or what? Sigh.

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The Mannequin: Dummy

I personally find mannequins to be bizarre.

The ones that look too real make me tired and the ones that look too fake scare me off.

Unless it is a simple dress form or a vintage dress form - I have honestly run away from a store because something about their mannequins gave me gosepimples. No idea why this is. *covers face*

But I found a set of mannequins I love at a particular store - The ones displaying Ankara fabric. :D


How dare these mannequins try to compete with me? They are sooo beautiful!

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The difference between mannequin and model is that mannequin is a DUMMY, or life-size model of the human body, used for the fitting or displaying of clothes while model is a PERSON who serves as a subject for artwork or fashion, usually via photography.

Mannequins cannot replace models. 

I can be a mannequin for a day but the mannequin can't be like me, a model, for a second.

Let them stay on their lane biko!

Besides, God created models (humans), humans created mannequins.

I can't even imagine spending my entire life playing dress-up for a living.

If you poke a mannequin with pins while styling them, they won't complain. Poke me first . . .

P.s These were random thoughts in my head when I visited a store I told you about here.

Do you find mannequins scary too? Do they influence your buying an item from the store? 

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