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The Skills You Use For Work May Suck You Dry Or Leave You Inspired

It's Career-Wednesday! I enjoy writing these articles so much. I hope you enjoy reading them too. Huh? :)

Whether you have a job or you are searching for a job, it is important to a make a PURPOSEful connection between your skills and the requirement of your employer.

Connect Your Skills To Your Job

You are blessed. You are intelligent. You are skillful. You've got talent. You are too much. You are good like that. Glory to God.

Whatever industry this awesome you choose as a career path, understand that it has diverse career offerings, and making your way will call for a pivotal use of your skills.

First things first, what are your skills?

Know Your Skills

For the purpose of this article, I will categorize our skills into two:
  1. Sucker Skills
  2. Inspired Skills

Sucker skills are the skills which when you put to use can suck you dry at the end of the day eventhough you are so good at them.

Inspired skills are the skills which when you use can inspire you to work better (even until the next day) because it does not feel like a "job".

You own these skills and can perform very well with them (I mean both the sucker skills and the inspired skills), but you must be wise to work with them. Remember wisdom is profitable to direct. 

The last thing you want is a job that requires you to constantly use your sucker skills.

If you have a job that uses more of your "sucker skills", it can slowly "suck" you as it drains you emotionally and many times even physically.

Using your sucker skills at work most of the time can emit negative rays in the long run. Your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual health may be at risk. Right now, you may only be seeing minor stress patterns and symptoms like headaches, stomach pain, or irritability, but if you don't do something to reduce the amount of time you spend using your sucker skills, life may be drained out of you.

A sweetheart, Abisola, posted a fantastic comment on Choosing A Career Path. I loved it. She stated that her inspired skills are writing and reading. So, her job as a lawyer in a law firm gives her the opportunity to explore those skills, as she thinks up strategies and memorizes sections. She practically loves her job because she enjoys what she does.

I love my job too. It requires me to originate creative ideas, develop concepts and engage with people. My inspired skills include creative thinking, writing and speaking. I feel on top of the world as I am working with a team or project that requires these skills.

One of those Monday strategic moments at work

I always say I can never work in the banking industry. That's because it involves precision and mathematical skills. I'm good at that but it can also be draining. I know people who work in banks and love their jobs. They love it because their inspired skills include analytical thinking, attentiveness to details and pressure management.

What makes a job an excellent fit for me may be totally different for you. It's imperative that you know your skills.

The greatest blessing of having a job is satisfaction - the satisfaction of using more of your inspired skills.

The number of people who get heart attack on Monday mornings at 9am are those who use more of their sucker skills at work. Seriously. Check it.

Those who say "Monday's suck" use more of their sucker skills.

Using the skills you enjoy adds energy, positivity and a sense of purpose to your life. Your "inspired skills" are the ones God has "breathed" into you to enjoy using. We lose track of time when we are using our inspired skills; we feel like we are in the "dream", "place" or "flow," fully engaged in what we are doing.

Those who choose to follow their Heart Rays use more their inspired skills.

Can you find work that uses your inspired skills 100% of the time? Not really. Even a dream job involve using a few sucker skills.

However, we can strive towards:
  • Using our sucker skills for not more than 10-25% of our time at work, and
  • Using our inspired skills for the remaining 75-90% of our time at work.
The more time we spend using our inspired skills, the longer and happier we stay at our jobs. So sweeties, let's use more of our inspired skills to boost our energy and find job satisfaction!

What are your inspired skills and sucker skills? You don't need to tell us. Just figure it out.

Let's Discuss: When your job is too challenging for you, you get frustrated. When it's not challenging enough for you, you get bored. So, which would you prefer - frustration or boredom?

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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