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God Is Home

I love the smell of new beginnings. It's refreshing to even think about it. Welcome to a new week sweethearts!

God Is Our Home

I currently have three hard copies of different versions of the Bible - The Kings James Version (KJV), The Good News Translation (GNT) and The New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). But I usually like to study with the Bible App on my phone because I can navigate all through different versions easily and faster.

Last weekend, I did away with my phone during my quiet time. (No Open Heavens Devotional. Just my Bible and my diary). I picked up my Good News Bible. I prayed. And asked God to speak to me by Himself. Then I said "Amen".

I was hungry to hear ONE word. I opened my Bible and the first verse that caught my eyes was Psalm 90:1.

"O Lord, You have always been our home."

"You have always been our home?"
"Lord, home?"
"You have always been our home?"
"God is a home??"

I'd never heard that God is a Home. It sounded really new and interesting. Joy began to radiate my heart. I love to discover. I ran to my Longman Contemporary Dictionary to check for the actual meaning of "home". You know that monent when you are suddenly not sure about what you thought you knew? Exactly.

I had to be sure.

Here is the first defintion I found in the dictionary:

What a simple definition!

If God = Home
Then, God = A place where I live.

Inotherwords, I can eat, sleep, rest, cry, play, read, walk, cook, and do possibly everything one can do in a home. Whoa!

My heart was screaming louder with joy. I also checked Psalm 90:1 on my other Bibles - KJV and NRSV. They both said "dwelling place".


Then it started coming together beautifully. I have always known God is our Dwelling Place. We hear, talk and sing about it. Don't we? But saying "God is our home", "God is my home", "God is home" is somewhat strange. Lol.

(I know about us being God's temple: That is, He is living in us. This one is fresh to me: we are also living in Him. So that means we are living in God and God is living in us at the same time. Crazy! That's deep. Spirit being in a spirit being. I don't even know how to write it the way it came. You may not understand)

I love(d) this new revelation. And I kept repeating it.

Lord, You are my Home.
Lord, You are my Home.
Lord, You are my Home.

I even added some rhythm to it. And made it into a melodious song.

I have come to see God as my Home. I am learning to live in Him. To rest in Him. 

Our physical dwelling place (home) are our houses with walls, doors, beds, chairs, tables, conveniences like running water and electricity, and we have food and medicine, and many things we need there.

We live in our homes for protection - from heat and cold.
We live in our homes for comfort and well-being.
We live in our homes for love and relationship.

Imagine you living INSIDE God like that! It's crazy!

Other Discoveries:

God is Home. 
In Him we live, we move, and have our being. 
He is our Safe Haven.
He is our refuge, fortress and protection.
God is our home - The place we are safe and protected and blessed.

God is Home.
He is not like any other home.
His foundations never crack.
His windows never break.
His rafters never sage.
He is never worn out, deteriorated or weakened.

He who lives in the Secret Place of God abides under His shadows. He is our Rock and Foundation. He is our Shelter. He is our Home. 

Walk into this new season knowing that God's got you covered. Walk into this new week knowing that ALL things are possible with His Spirit living IN you and you living IN the spirit!

You are covered, sweetie.
Nothing can stop you.
Have a blast!

What will you be doing at Home today? 


Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu
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