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You Cannot Afford To Be Distracted

In Chapter 7 of the book of Joshua, because of the sin of one Israelite, Israel could no longer stand before their enemies. They grew so weak. Choi. 

Stay Focused

Sin is so underrated. If only we knew how much time, power and focus we lose each time we go against God's word.

Studying the book of Joshua has opened my eyes to many principles of God. God is so meticulous. Never seen anyone as meticulous as God.

We all possibly know God as a Miraculous God, only few of us have come to know Him as a Meticulous God. 

God likes order. He is into organisation. As you read the Bible, you read again and again of little details. Specific details. He has a massive attention to detail. Check out the instructions for building the Temple and the instructions for building the Ark. So precise. 

I pray you dig into the Word and appreciate God’s attention to detail and order. May you also come to know that God cares about all of the little details in your life. Amen.

When God gives you a plan, you must follow the plan to the latter if you want to be victorious at the end.

Jericho was a battle won by following God's instruction; Ai was a battle lost because the instruction of God was not followed.

I don't want to blame Joshua for not paying attention. It's not his fault that Archan coveted after the things of Babylon.

One thing I want to point out from this chapter is:


Archan was distracted. 

On reading Archan's confession in verse 21, I discovered 3 steps of distraction:

1. He Saw - when it grabs your attention
2. He coveted - when you start to think about having it
3. He took them - when you fall for it.

This was how Eve fell too. She saw the tree, then coveted, then took and ate the fruit. That's how we fall too.

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We need to be careful of what we pay attention to.

I have also had my share of distractions. I have not stopped praying since I realized how easy it is to get distracted.

We may have just won a battle, we may have just succeeded in a project, or we may have finished a fight. But that is not the end of the war.

The most dangerous times are after a victory, we must be careful not to get distracted for a sec.


When David was focused, he conquered Goliath; and when he became distracted, he couldn’t conquer his own lust.

When Samson was focused, he won many battles; when he became distracted he couldn’t win a battle with Delilah.

When Solomon was focused, he was the wisest man in the world; when he became distracted, he couldn’t control his own evil passion for foreign women.

When Saul was focused, he could conquer kings; when he became distracted, he couldn’t conquer his own jealousy.

When Noah was focused, he could build an ark and help keep the human race on track; when he became distracted, he got drunk

When Elijah was focused, he could pray down fire from heaven and chop off the heads of false prophets; when he became distracted, he ran from Jezebel.


You cannot afford to be DISTRACTED.

Say this with me:

Stay focused.
Have a blessed week.

Written by Nwamaka Ajaegbu 
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