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How To Change Your Life Like A Dream

I am sitting on my chair, and I am reflecting on how I got to this place. Have you ever found yourself in a place where you start to think you are dreaming or living in another world? That's how I feel today. Life is changing . . .

Track The Changes In Your Life

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Someone asked me, "Amaka, what's even the big deal in you having a job?". And I couldn't explain the deal. It is huge for me!

It is because I keep track of the changes in my life. This is a different direction.

Sometimes the land and change God may be leading you may feel completely different from what you thought, and it may take you a while to acclimate, but if you look deeply, you will see that you are actually being positioned in a new land for promotion and increase. Your heart will radiate with PEACE and JOY when you RECOGNIZE what EXACTLY is going on - God's working.

Looking back, I can see how much I’ve changed. I almost didn't notice the change, because it sneaks up on you, until it’s impossible to ignore.

It’s like when you were a baby. You grew taller, but you didn’t notice until you stood up against the wall or your sleeves didn't fit.

The same holds true for life changes.

We are constantly changing, but it’s hard to notice until it pokes you.

It's one thing to know if you’re changing; it’s another thing to know in which direction you are changing.

I hope you find these points helpful if you want to keep track of the changes in your life . . .

Accept Where You Are

When I left my previous job, I decided I was not going to work at a firm or position that is not related to my passion, because there was no way I would survive. I couldn’t stand not following my Heart Rays.

When I couldn't get the kind of job I wanted, I dedicated my time to blogging and voicing. Blogging helped me realize many things, and one of them was that if I wanted to get fulfillment, I had to accept where I was.

Things come and go. People come and go. Your life feels good, and it feels bad. The more you accept this, the easier it is to see the change in your life.

I have learned to embrace uncertainty. In fact, it seems as if life changes itself when I stop pushing so hard.

When you’re faced with uncertainty, which is a synonym for possibility, you should ACCEPT that life can bring you something negative to teach you a positive lesson. Accept it.

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To change your life, you have to check your focus. If you don’t take control of your mind, you will get distracted easily, you will focus on the negative, and you will waste time on unprofitable ventures.

What works for me is to focus on the thoughts swirling in my head. I determine who/what is influencing the thought. There’s self-awareness there.

When I focus on it, I almost immediately relax. I see how my thoughts take me on a roller coaster ride of emotions. One day I can feel great, and the next day I can feel miserable.

The only difference is thought.

But there’s one thing most people miss when I share this: I’m not talking about changing my thoughts. I don’t try to change anything. Instead, I observe my thoughts, and let them flow freely. I’m mindful of what’s going IN me.


I love reading.

We live and die by stories. My life has changed on different levels by reading books. Looking for a life-changing book? I'd recommend You're All That by Paula White.

The stories you read have a profound effect on how you view your life. You can be stuck on a problem, and the solution can pop into your mind while you’re reading.

You can be reading, then something goes click, and your life changes forever.

Just the same way you’re reading these very article, it causes you to think, doesn’t it?

In order for you to make sense out of the funny letters you see here, you have to LOOK WITHIN, and make sense out of it from your own season.


I find writing therapeutic. It’s something I love to do. Writing calms me. Writing is inspiring. Writing infuses my mind with serenity. Writing puts me in a state of clarity.

I highly recommend the art of keeping a diary or just writing down your thoughts each day. If you’ve tried to solve problems in your head, and it doesn’t work. You can have a conversation on a blank sheet, freewrite, and solve problems easily. It has the ability to change your life.

You just never know what you will write, so you might as well get curious to find out.


I am a big fan of prayer.

Have you ever had the experience of your life running out of control? Ah. Terrible thing.

Prayer brings you to the centre of it all. It takes you to the One who knows life more than anyone you have ever known. Prayer helps you to SEE clearly. Prayer changes your life.

Every prayed without saying a word? Every prayed in absolute silence where you are all alone? Ever prayed until you see your fears and struggles disappear? There are levels!

Oh, I can write a book on prayer. It is much more than many think.

Follow Your Heart

And what would I be saying if I don't tell you to follow your heart? Lol.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I keep talking about living life from the inside-out, and there’s a reason for it. If you are committed to set your mind on God’s Word, renewing your mind with truth and getting stinking thinking out of your way, then following your heart is what you need.

On this journey of living life creatively, I’ve started listening to my heart more and more.

And when I say following and listening to your heart, I mean it in the broadest sense of the word. It can mean different things - go with the flow, follow your guts, your intuition, your truth.


Most people think they know what they want. They make five to ten year plans, acting as if they know all the variables of life.I’m actually fine with making plans and setting goals. But I don’t rigidly stick to them. You will miss opportunities if you disregard the whispers of your heart.

Accept that life brings you possibilities. You don’t always know where your life will go. But go with the flow (the Spirit directs), and you will be where you need to be.


So this is what my blog schedule might look like from February. Yeah, February, because I have been very inconsistent this month. Like I said, my life changed.

Mon - Inspirational Review
To help us kick start our mind for the week

Tue- Dear Diary (bi-weekly)
To connect with personal thoughts, feelings, and record memorable moments

Wed - Career Development
To share insight on issues relating to employment, business and financial matters. Basically, to learn how to balance life and work.

Fri - Random gists/news and generally cool stuff
To put us in a relaxed mood and get us in the know.

Sunday - Style 
To inspire your styles and modelling skills. Lol. Well, we all know what this is really about. *winks*

Following this time-table, I should blog at least three times a week. Not bad, huh?


Above all, remember that you are always more than you think you are. You are more than your problems, more than your fears, more than your relationship status, and more than your body.

So, sweetie, remember to enjoy this moment because . . .  life is changing.

Stay inspired!

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