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This Picture Perfectly Captures 2017 Prayer

I love pictures. I can stare at a new picture of me for days.

Within few seconds of looking at a picture, they can give you a chuckle or cause you to think. And sometimes even do both.

I came across one that I love. As I look deeply, I see how it is a perfect expression of my prayer for 2017.

Feel free to make it your prayer too.

1. I look so happy.

Prayer: In 2017, Happiness will never cease in my life day after day. Amen.

2. I look so free! Like I am ready to fly.

Prayer: I shall live fully in my freedom in Christ. For I will not only walk in freedom, but will also jump, run, and fly in it. Amen.

3. The dress is all made of Ankara fabric. I sewed it by myself. I am rocking it. I am loving it.

Prayer: I shall be fruitful. I will enjoy the work of my hands. My labour will not be in vain. Amen.

4. I am on my natural hair. No stress in looking lovely.

Prayer: What many struggle to get will come naturally and easily to me. I will not suffer loss. Amen.

5. I especially love this picture because I literally received a letter of joy that day.

Prayer: May my days be filled with good memories. May my testimonies be breathtaking and eye-popping. Amen.

6. Number 17 is inscribed on the wall. The funny thing is I didn't notice it until I wanted to crop the picture to fit.

Prayer: 2017 will be so beautiful for me, for my friends and for my family. At the end of the year, I shall be amazed at what the Lord has done. Amen.

7. I am holding money.

Prayer: I will never be broke in 2017. Plenty plenty plenty money will come into your hands. There will be surplus even after I have obediently paid my tithes and given my offerings. Amen.

This and more is my prayer for all of us.

Happy New Year, sweethearts of my blogosphere!

(Hoping to share the theme for 2017 tomorrow).

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