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Words With Amaka: damsel

Hello class! It's another day to learn how to pronounce correctly. I feel like an oral English teacher. Dah kinda thing. Lol. 

Today you'll discover that there are damsels and there are damsels. You may spot the difference. *grins* 

Lesson 7
Word of the Day: damsel

Meaning: a young woman who is not married

Pronunciation: Most times, we tend to pronounce the "s" as "s". It is not correct. It is to be pronounced as "z"

Wrong = \ˈdam-səl\
Right = \ˈdam-zəl\

Listen below:

So ladies, correct him the next time he calls you a damsel with the 's' pronounced as 's'. You can even catwalk away after the correction. Yes, you have my support because it is not a compliment! 

Any question? Am I good teacher? Was it an easy lesson? Leave a comment.

Class dismissed. We'll continue in two weeks time. Thank you. 

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