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STYLE/WIW : The Nigeria Flag (White and Green Concept 2)

It's Sunday. Yay! You already know what I'm going to talk about. Right? Lol. How are you doing? 

WIW: White Blouse and Green Skirt

Let's talk about the sermon we heard in church first. What did God tell you through your pastor today?

Erm . . . Lemme not lie, I cannot remember what the topic of the message was. I can't also remember what the pastor was talking about. (No I wasn't sleeping). I was just not connecting. *phew* But we prayed sha. Yeah, it was a prayer/deliverance service.

I was so ready to fall and roll on the floor to be delivered of any demon. So I wore black. Lol. (You'll see it next week.)

Anyways I remember two prayer points:

  • Father, destroy anything in me that is not of You in Jesus' name.
  • Father, help me to pull down every stronghold in my life. 

Glory to God. Amen.

Now to WIW. I got scared after service when the clouds gathered, I thought the rain was going to fall. And you know that if it had rained, there will be no WIW post for next week. Yeah? Let's thank God it didn't!

I'm still into green. See pictures of WIW last week . . . 

Last Sunday was an anointing service. The oil poured on my skirt when I was being ministered to. Too much anointing. Yeah. Can you see the sign?

I almost look like the Nigeria flag. Hehehe! But I gave it a bit of zing with red. The earrings and scarf added some colours to the outfit. Lemme give you a tip; when you want to brighten up an outfit, use accessories with contrasting colours. It works every time. 

Aww! Don't look at my small bum-bum jhorr *covers face*

Mehn, green is so beautiful. I can't help loving it. Sweetheart, what do you think about my newest quote? 
"When you wear green with pride, those who love you will agree with you but your haters will grin with envy."

Happy Sunday!
God is not through with blessing you.
Thanks for sharing in my world of green today. 

See you tomorrow. *hugs*

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